29 gifts for 29 days: days 4-5

I am loving this opportunity to spend some time each day in thought of 'giving'. Have you checked out Cami's Site?

Day 4, Thursday 11/12:

gift today was broccolli. Yes ....... yes it was. And thoughtfully, so; I might add. Our elementary school's PTO arranged for a meal to be provided for the teachers and support staff on the day of conferences. Volunteers are requested to bring certain items to the teachers' lounge and the PTO staff throws it all together and has the food ready for the staff when they have a break between parent meetings. I signed up for 16 cups of warmed broccoli to add as a garnishment to baked potatoes. Yum. I am proud to be part of a group who takes care of our teachers.

Day 5, Friday 11/13:

Tomorrow morning, 11/14 from 9am-1pm, I am attending a world-wide day of prayer for children and schools. Our local chapter of Mom's in Touch has organized a host site to provide a comfortable location for prayer and gathering to watch a 4-hour DVD previously recorded live in San Fransisco last month. Millions of mothers all around the world will gather for 24 hours of continuous, thoughtful prayer to fulfill the MIT Mission of "impacting children & schools worldwide for Christ by gathering mothers to pray."

This is going to be a wonderful day filled with prayer!

My gift this Friday is to put together 5 floral arrangements to decorate the registration and welcome tables for our local event. Our area coordinator is overloaded with all of the duties necessary to put together this event, so I called her earlier in the week to see how I could help lesson her work load.

I am thrilled to be a part of this event and even more happy to be able to bring 'something to the table', ........ literally. Here is 1 of the 5 I will be completing by the end of the day.

I am looking forward to a relaxing weekend. You?

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