29 gifts for 29 days: days 1-3

Do you ever have a post idea in mind and avoid sitting down and writing it because you want it to be 'just right'? I have wanted to start documenting my journey of 29 gifts in 29 days, but keep putting it off even though I have already started gifting. Why do I want to be able to say
just the right thing and use just the right words? Perfection syndrome? Ha! I don't seem to have that problem in any other areas of my life ........ case in point: keeping my home p-e-r-f-e-c-t-l-y clean.

Let's just begin. To read about the journey from the author's perspective, travel off to 29 gifts and read about how Cami Walker and others are choosing to give rather than focus on the negatives in their lives.
Monday: I was shopping at my favorite discount grocery store, Aldi's, when I made the conscience decision to give. This store is located in an urban setting and attracts all types of personalities and 'walks of life'. I often wonder what people say about me! Anyway, I was returning my cart when I noticed and older woman coming out of the store. Her cart was overflowing with groceries and two small children were hanging off either side of the railings of the cart. I noticed her sack on the lower shelf was going to take a tumble, so I ran over and up-righted it for her. She didn't seem to notice, but she did start talking a mile a minute about how her husband was working and she had to bring her young grandchildren with her and how difficult it is to shop with them. "Oh, no" I thought. I just wanted to help her out a little bit and be on my way! I did not want to stand there and listen to her woes. Just let me give my 'gift' and walk away already!

Ah, the teachable moment. The woman was asking me for my time and attention, not for help with her task. Could I give her that? Yes, ..... yes, I could. I listened to her story for about 5 minutes, one filled with complaint for life. When she stopped to take a breath, I jumped in and told her how wonderful she was for being active in her grandchildren's life, for taking care of them, and for being strong enough to take the kids with her to shop!

The woman smiled and then introduced me to her grandchildren in the most proud way only a grandmother can. I smiled back and told her to have a wonderful day. Gift in disguise!

Tuesday: I gave 2 gifts on this day, not to be overly ambitious, but because I had the opportunity to do so.

My first gift of the day was to my wonderful family practitioner. I had an appointment for the dreaded 'annual', and wasn't feeling too excited about fasting until 10:30 in the morning ...... read NO COFFEE ...... or by having to don the paper gowns. Remembering a story I heard having to do with annual appointments and glitter (sorry, tale for another day), I decided to give my Dr. a little laugh, or gift of laughter. I took a purple Sharpie and wrote, "Good morning!" on the inside of my upper left thigh. Then I took a blue Sharpie and wrote, "Be Gentle" on the inside of my upper right thigh. When I got to the office, I was asked to leave a sample for testing. On the plastic cup, I wrote my name and then "Have a great day :)". Well, the nurse needs a laugh, too! Oh, and did I mention the nurse told me my Dr. had a med student with her for the day? Yeah ..... nice. Okay, two laughs for the price of one.

The student prepares for the examination and when the time comes, lifts my paper gown to begin.


Then, "Um, Dr. ______?" My Dr. peeks over from writing her notes and quickly grabs the gown and pushes it down. Her hand is covering her mouth, so I can't yet read her reaction. She proceeds to scoot the stool back, gets up, and stumbles over to face the wall. I'm confused at her reaction until I notice her shoulders are shaking. Whew, she DID find it funny.

She turns around and tells me "In all my years, No one has ever done that. Thank you for making me laugh today. I won't forget this."

Then she asked to take a picture with her cell phone. (um, NO!!!!) "Can I bring a couple of colleagues in to look?" (um, DOUBLE NO!!!) So she settled for being able to tell the story.

As for the med student, I wouldn't be surprised if she withdrew her application for residency.

My second gift of the day was more 'typical'. I met with a good friend who also happens to be coaching me in a business pursuit (more on that topic later .... much later) and brought her my library copy of 29 Gifts. I still had 2+ weeks left on the loan and trusted her to read it and then return it to the library. Along with the book, I printed off 4 inspirational bookmarks since I know she reads several books at a time. Her gratitude and smile were a wonderful gift to receive.

Wednesday: I am giving myself a gift today. Permission to ask God to take away my anger. Or, am I giving God a gift by handing him my anger? Or, is God giving me the ultimate gift of forgiveness? Whatever it is, it is a gift-fest with God and me today.

I will continue to write about my gifts, but not necessarily an 'every day' posting. Or maybe and everyday posting project ...... I have not yet decided.

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