29 gifts for 29 days: days 7-8

Yesterday was the first day so far I had a tough time with 'consciously' giving. It was my 37th birthday and all day long I was receiving messages from friends and family wishing me a happy day. Before I knew it, it was evening and I was still trying to think of something to give which wouldn't require me to leave the house. You see, my birthday was spent in my p.j.'s on the couch, reading. Sure I got up to use the 'facilities', eat, interact with the family and a few other minor acts. Sort of my gift to myself.

Day 7:

Finding myself downstairs on the computer, I decided to send an email to Maddi's previous art teacher and share with her the stop-motion video Maddi made. This particular art instructor is wonderful, and truly believes in developing the creative side of our children's minds. She uses play and reaches deep into her big bag of tricks to encourage the students to explore their imagination. As I thought she would, this teacher responded to my email by this morning. She praised Maddi for her hard work and told me: "Thank you. I rarely get the opportunity to see my students' progress after they have graduated from my classes. You made me smile!" Yes!

Day 8:

Today's gift was much easier. The grade school where my younger two children attend was holding vision and hearing screenings today. The PTO contacted me and asked if I could come in and help with the testing. No problem! This is why I am staying at home full-time instead of working an outside job. Last year I would have politely bowed out, knowing I had limited time to offer. This year I was able to help out and I even agreed to volunteer tomorrow , as well. I absolutely love giving the gift of time.

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