fresh starts

What do you think of my new look for this space? I followed a Picasa tutorial and made up my own header. Fresh start for 2010!

Oh, and I am just going to pretend I haven't been M.I.A. from here since mid-November. I will just begin again, Finnegan. Fresh start for 2010!

I did not complete my goal of 29 gifts in 29 days, as the holiday season sneaked up behind me and smacked me upside the head. WooWee, 3 kiddos in school (activities, parties, concerts) equals one busy season. Fresh start for 2010!

Recap For the Holiday Season:

The holidays were fantastic and once again, I am happy to report we survived it all without any loss of limbs. The weather welcomed winter with over 25 inches of snow, giving us a truly White Christmas. Dave and I have spent many moments together clearing paths for our cars, mailman and sidewalk-using companions. Couples who shovel together, stay together!

Fate brought us a new 'fur' member to the family on December 15th. Dave went out to the garage for something and he heard a loud wail coming from under his workbench. Hoping it was a kitten and not a possum, Dave stuck his tuna-smeared hand under the bench. Something latched on to Dave's finger with it's sharp little teeth and allowed itself to be 'pulled' to safety. Dave walked in the house with a little grey and white kitten wrapped up in a towel, thank goodness not a possum. The children immediately shrieked, "Oh, it is soooooo cute ........ can we keep it, Mom?" I whisked the scrappy little thing from hubby's hands, grabbed the heating pad and snuggled up deep in blankets on the couch. Two hours and one warmed up kitty later, Alice officially became a member of the family. We love her and she loves us, but our 17 year old cat, George, is not feeling the same sense of adoration and warm fuzzies.

I mean, really. How can you not love this face?!

My final update for the day will be telling you about my newest blog goal. I seem to operate best when under the pressure cooker of a deadline. This one is going to like a slow pressure cooker ........ all year long, in fact. I just know I will be so happy when I am sitting at my computer the first of January of next year and get to go through my COMPLETED project and ooooh and awwww over the fantasticness of it. Ready?

Project Life: 365 photos, one taken every day during 2010.

I cannot remember where I first read about the project/concept, although it was probably Blue Bird Baby minus the 'self portrait' part of the deal. Then I found Becky Higgins and her Project Life kit to go take your 365 photos and actually DO something fun with the results. I have yet to purchase the kit, as I want to see how far I get through the year before committing to a purchase; not that I don't have complete and utter faith in myself to complete the 365 days of life photos. Nope, I'm gonna make it happen. This challenge is right up my alley. I even put a separate link in my sidebar so you can follow along with my progress. Because I am NOT going to blog everyday, for like 365 days in a row. Nuh, uh. Too big of a commitment. I WILL take a photo everyday, but I give myself permission to save up a few days and post them all at once. I pinkie swear I won't cheat and take several photos in one harried moment, post them and then pretend I took one each day. No cheating. Period.

My fingers are now frozen because the computer is in the basement and our basement is cold because the temperature outside is -4 degrees. So I will sign off with: Fresh start for 2010!

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