I got that groovy feeling

You know the feeling ....... when everything is back in its place. Tasks are effortless and the systems set in motion at the beginning of the school year are working amazingly well. Birds are singing, children are behaving and the cure for all cancers has been discovered. Well ....... maybe not the children behaving well part.

Yes, I must admit life is good. I am even enjoying Mondays! Sure the weekends are great, but there is something about the quiet of the house after the hubby and kiddos go off to work and school. I always think I am going to plunk down on the couch with my coffee and channel surf until my eyes glaze over. Instead, I feel a rush of energy to get the house back into shape after a weekend full of fun. Sometimes I turn on music for inspiration and company, but more often I find I enjoy the lack of v-o-i-c-e-s. My coffee may get cold and the television as well, but my dishwasher is empty, the laundry is humming and the floors are cleared of clutter.

In other news, I just finished reading this book by Cami Walker. I will be writing more about how I am going to do my own 29 days of gifting. For now, take a moment and go and see what this book is all about.

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