hot diggidy dog

The kids have returned to school! Even though this winter break was the shortest we've had, (seven and a half school days) it has felt like a month. I was starting to wonder how I was ever going to survive the upcoming summer break when it hit me: WE CAN GO OUTSIDE IN THE SUMMER! Major selling point.

Sure we can go outside in the winter, but it's .......... different.

First we have to spend 20 minutes searching the house for coats, hats, gloves, scarves, snow pants and boots; even though all of the outdoor gear SHOULD be in the laundry room where I told everyone to put them.

Once geared up (another 10 minutes) someone will need to strip back down and use the potty.

Finally outside, someone will fall, or be pushed down, on the ice.

Someone else will try to eat some snow, freezing their lips and wetting their mittens in the process.

Then, somebody will throw a snowball at their sibling, causing tears to form and freeze to her eyelids.

Five full minutes of peace will go by and during that time I had better be heating the milk for hot cocoa and searching the cupboards for mini marshmallows.

The door will fly open with all three kids scrambling to get in 'first' followed by a flurry icy/snowy/wet clothes flying through the air.

Someone will, with their socked feet, step in a pool of melted snow and squeal with disgust.

One hour has passed and my red-cheeked, runny nosed children are at the table sipping their too hot chocolate while holding a contest to see who can stuff the most mini marshmallows into their mouth.

Meanwhile, I need to clean up the kitchen, mop the dirty floors, hang up the wet clothes to dry, resuscitate child who stuffed TOO many mallows in his mouth and call my friend to make certain I am not the only one experiencing heart palpitations.

Ahhhhhhhhhhhh, winter break. You will not be missed.

Picture of the Day (POTD)

I am behind the camera saying: "C'mon, let's get a movin! Wouldn't want school to start without ya. HaHa. Mama has sooooo much to do today; can't be late!"


Anonymous said...

Glad you are blogging again - it's part of my morning internet surfing entertainment!!

Amy said...

Wendy ...... it would be even MORE entertaining if YOU started a blog! ::wink wink::nudge nudge::