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I am embarking on a new topic here on 333.  For as long as it takes to get through the subject matter, I am going to be sharing the words and wisdoms of Michael Pollan, author of the recently released book:  FOOD RULES:  An Eater's Manual.

I giggle and laugh as I read through the pages because it is all so simple and really just boils down to good old fashioned common sense.  So, why do I feel the need to spend money on information I already know? Because, as a parent, I know all too well you need to 'say it once .... say it twice ..... say it three times', and then be prepared to start all over again.  In order for a habit to form and take hold the behavior must be repeated over and over.  

Join me as I tell myself, once again, to eat good foods.  Oh, and feel free to jump in and add any words of wisdom along the way.

I will direct quote (always in bold) when referencing the book and make it crystal clear when I am offering up my opinion.

Part I  "What should I eat?"

Eat Food

(my definition) As in real food and not the processed crap filling up most of the grocer's shelves.  I grew up in the era of TV dinners, meals in a box and snack foods with a shelf life longer than my own life expectancy.  I remember begging to tag along to the grocery store so I could walk down the cereal aisle and be the one to choose the cereal of the week.  The artificial colors and shapes drew me in and I found myself explaining to my mother that eating marshmallows for breakfast was acceptable as long as it came in a cereal box.  

My mind tells me all of the process foods I grew up on was bad for my health and I shouldn't feed those things to MY family, but my sense of habit and desire for ease direct my shopping cart to the middle aisles every time. 

Taking your children on a shopping trip only supports the theory that holding up a bunch of kale will yield a frown, but wander down the potato chip aisle and the kids are jumping up and down with glee. 

Yes, this will be a battle of habits.  Both mine as an adult raised on all of the fake food as well as re-wiring my children to recognize a beet from a radish.

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