back that turnip truck up

I must call to attention how I simply leaped onto the FOOD RULES bandwagon without so much as an introduction.  If you know me well, you were not surprised.  As for everyone else, please accept my apologies and allow me to back it up a little.

As I get older I become wiser.  Not in an academic sense, but in a 'smarter human being' sense.  I find myself reacting less and reflecting more.  Asking myself those existential questions.  Questioning my purpose.  Mapping out how to fulfill my passions.  One single theme is prominent in my findings ........ simplicity.

For me, simplicity is:

slowing down, paring back, paying attention, questioning processes, praying, giving thanks, doing something for no personal gain, earning by working, staying in the moment, pointing out the fantastic, taking photos of spontaneity, bartering, making a connection, hanging clothes to dry, making what I could easily purchase, teaching my children how to laugh at themselves, asking why, saying no, accepting a compliment, giving my time, days with no schedule, carrying cash, sharing my ways, listening to the quiet, observing without an opinion, reading body language, laughing out loud ..........

These are just a few of my favorite simple things.  So, back to the turnip truck.  Why am I reading about food?  Where does food fit into the equation? Why has eating and making healthy food choices become complicated? And, because I have a twisted relationship with food, how can I straighten it all out by applying my mantra of simplicity?

The US Government makes it simple here  I think ..... maybe ....... kind of sorta

Further research brings us this:

 Looks complicated to me

Michael Pollan has a simple answer.  A simple book about simple food rules you can follow.  He even summed up the book in seven simple words I would like to share for today's lesson:

Eat food.  Not too much.  Mostly plants.

simply genius.

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