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Today I will share a couple of food rules from Food Rules.  And, add my commentary, of course!

From Part I:  What Should I Eat?

Don't eat anything your great-grandmother wouldn't recognize as food.

Ha!  This rule is so good for me.  I am a sucker for product packaging and am always drawn to the newest and greatest fad.  If it says "New and Improved!" it is in my basket.  Until now.

Why do we need to try and improve on what is already available?  Would a banana ever have a sticker saying "on-the-go packaging!"? or "Now with more potassium!"? 

Avoid food products containing ingredients that no ordinary human would keep in their pantry.

Wow.  This one really hit home.  If the product I am feeding my children contains ingredients I couldn't or wouldn't purchase at my neighborhood grocers, then get rid of it.  I know it may be convenient and tasty, but when I look at it from the statement above, it doesn't feel so good anymore.

Scratch Mono- and Di-glyceridesc off my list.

Avoid food products that make health claims.

At first I was like, duh, but then I was like, I totally do that!  I fall hook, line and sinker for the cereals that claim "Made with Whole Grains" and get all excited about feeding my kids the healthy fruit loopies.  

If the food processor has to go out of their way to make a health claim about their product, it isn't healthy or good for you to begin with.

Avoid foods you see advertised on TV.

Enjoy the commercial for the entertainment value, but skip buying the product.  Other than beef and pork commercials, I have never seen a farmer advertising his new and improved crop of sweet corn.

As simple headed as this all seems, it is going to take some major shifts in my household to follow these food rules.  The bad habit of filling up my pantry with highly processed food has got to change.  Not going to be easy and my kids will not like me for awhile, but this has to be done.

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