Winter has not been kind to us this year.  The old man has brought us 58 inches snow, whipping winds, sub zero temperatures and icy rain.  He laid down a white blanket over our landscape that has not moved since December.  A record setting season on many levels; so say our trusty dependable smart sleep-deprived weather persons.

All of this I can take.  In fact, give me more!  Living in the middle of the United States is exciting, weather wise, so we are used to quickly changing weather patterns.  What I simply can not do without, however, is Mr. Sun.

Dear Mr. Sun,

I know you have been here all winter.  I can tell by the subtle difference in light every 10-12 hours.  I even understand you wanting to hide a little bit, what with all of the cold and snow covered land.  But would it be so hard to part the clouds and shine your rays down once a day?  I need you!  Your warming light breathes life and hope into my soul.  Allows me to 'see the light' at the end of this wintry tunnel.  Your presence casts shadows across cold walls and floors, beckoning the dust fairies to come out and play.

I miss you, Mr. Sun.  Won't you say you'll come out and stay awhile?


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