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WARNING, WARNING, ::epiphany moment:: happening right now.

So, I didn't want to exercise this morning.  The newness and excitement of getting back to regular movement has started to waver.  After many minutes of trying to talk myself out of it, however, I decided the only way to shut myself up was to get busy sweating.  

I popped in Jillian Michael's 30 day Shred because I wanted a fast (20 minute) workout.  As I figured I would, I hopped on my recumbent after Jillian's beating.  You see, once I get sweating, I realize it's not so bad and 20 minutes flies right by.  I also like the benefit of watching HULU while riding.  Today I was pleasantly surprised to discover the full length documentary, Super Size Me.

I have been meaning to watch this movie, but always pass it up for a comedy or drama.  No excuses today!  Even though the movie is 1:39:56, I only dedicated 35 minutes today.

Yeah, you knew this was coming:  HOLY GUACAMOLE, BATMAN! WHAT THE HELL ARE WE [as a nation] DOING?  (and that is my reaction after the first 10 minutes)

So many things to say, but really, it's all said in the movie.  I need action.

In order to raise my children in the manner Dave and I have committed, we need to change the way we are treating a meal at fast food joints.  As in, it is not a 'treat' if we do not know the facts before deciding to partake.

First things first:  I will sit down with the kiddos and we will watch this film as a family.

Second:  When my children request McDonald's (or Wendy's, BK .... the like) I will first offer to take them to the Dollar Store and purchase a trinket.  Then I will offer to make something to eat at home, or stop by the grocery store and allow them to help me decide what to prepare.  As for traveling; um hello!  Prepare and take along a cooler filled with our food from home.

As a side note, I need some reprogramming as well.  MAJOR reprogramming, because ......... damn those fries look good.

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BakkeChaos said...

Scary, isn't it?? My kids say, "Yeah, we don't eat McDonald's very much anymore because Mom and Dad watched a scary movie about it." ;) Great to know that it is available online. For your must watch Hulu list, check out his (Morgan Spurlock's) series spin off from the movie, "30 Days". Good stuff, Maynard. (oh, and I still think the fries look good - I'm convinced they are laced with crack).