strung out on heroin and ham

This was the last thing I heard from Morgan Spurlock before I hopped off my bike and paused Super Size Me, the documentary I am watching while exercising this week. Morgan's girlfriend was questioning him on why he continues to eat meat when he is aware of the health and moral issues surrounding the food.  Morgan said it was because he loved ham and bacon and pork chops.  His girlfriend mentioned that people love heroin too, but that doesn't make it justified behavior.

'Balance' is the key word/phrase (can one word be a phrase?) I hold in the front of my mind as I watch this documentary.  Certainly the information is provided in such a way to provide a 'shock' value and to hit at your emotional desire to make good decisions.  The bottom line, however, is most people are not equipped with enough of the information to make good decisions.  Whose fault is that?  I believe it is every one's fault.  Each person should be held accountable to the decisions she makes, and for their child's behalf until she is an adult.  

An 'educated' decision is quite hard to define.  Am I educated if I watch a commercial prompting me to go buy a Coke to quench my thirst?  Am I educated when I see a sign by PETA informing me I should choose cruelty-free chicken?  Or, am I educated when I simply observe what others around me are buying and decide I should make the same selection?

The point is, an effort should be made each and every day to question the reasoning behind our decisions.  WHY do we buy a certain brand of toilet paper?  WHEN do we turn off the TV and send the kids out to play?  HOW many hours of sleep do I need to feel my best?  

Instead of going about our day with the blinders always on, decide to look at your choices and reasons behind what you eat and what you feed your children.  I know when I make the conscience effort to question my habits, I am often lead to a healthier option.  

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