because this photo deserves it's own post
because Sara asked why I didn't include it
because today it might rain
because I am so special ............

Another photo at St. John's.  I was on a direct line to the man upstairs. (notice the pulpit to the left)

Yes, this is a phone at the alter.  
Yes, this may be sacrilegious. 
Yes, I am praying for forgiveness because posing for this photo was too tempting to pass!


Stephanie said...
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Stephanie said...

Don't worry I won't tell Pastor Rachel. Alex and I attend St. John's Lutheran Church. I think I kinda chose the church because it was so beautiful. Plus they have great music at the services. I sing in one of their choirs. I enjoy your blog. Dave showed it to me a while back. Keep it up... maybe it will get turned into a moive deal like Julie and Julia, the movie.

Amy said...

Hi Stephanie! Too funny. I knew if I posted these pictures someone would have an insider story to tell.

Go ahead and tell Pastor Rachel! Seriously, Les was wonderful and so open to questions. He is a great gift to St. Luke's.

Does the organ sound as beautiful as it looks?

Stephanie said...

Sarah Garner is our church organist. She is excellent. I actually went to her organ concert this fall. She did a lot of classical stuff and even some more modern crazy stuff I never knew you could do with an organ. There was a live camera on her so we could watch her hands and feet thump and dance all over the place. All my years in the church and I never knew the organ had foot keys. It's crazy to watch. It's kind of like tapping your head while you rub your tummy on steroids.