After shopping the downtown market on Saturday; Sara, Rebecca and I hopped in my miniature van and started heading north to home.  Sara mentioned having seen a church with red doors somewhere in the downtown area, and was telling us about it because she thought it would be a great spot to take individual/family photos.  As I was driving and getting lost meandering along, lo and behold I look ahead and see red doors on a church!  St. John's Lutheran Church, to be exact.

I pulled off to the side to park so we could all get out for a closer look.  I left my camera behind because it is embarrassed to be seen with Sara's long and beautiful hooded-lens.  We were talking about taking photos and were just about ready to pose for the camera when we heard a rustling in the nearby bushes.  Out pops Les, the maintenance supervisor for St. Johns, who was trimming back some spring overgrowth.  Les noticed Sara's camera and asked if we would like to come inside the 118 year old church to photograph the stained glass windows.

photo from St. John's website

Les seemed nice enough, so we took him up on the offer and went in for a quick tour:  (all photo creds to Sara)

The view when you walk into the large sanctuary

The alter.  Marble, solid wood carvings, silk drapes ...... gorgeous

Makes you want to fall to your knees and lose yourself in prayer.

The magnificent pipe organ.  I want to go to service just to hear it 'sing'!

A tile mosiac completed by a previous pastor.  Lighting indoors is so terrifically awful for good pictures. 
  St. John's has an indoor/outdoor court with a garden, seating and fountain.  You can just feel the peace and serenity in the air.
Les probably spent the better part of 40 minutes walking us around, telling us stories about the artwork and allowing us to take photos.  His friendliness was unreal.  God certainly has lead Les into a wonderful ministry; caring for this beautiful building, and while doing so, talking to those who are strolling by the church and inviting them to experience God's glory in this community church.
Thank you, Les!  I plan to stop by next time I am downtown so I can sit in prayer in the airy courtyard.

Shoot.  We never did get a picture of those striking red doors.

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Football & Fried Rice said...

you are such a diva with the photo credit & all that :) I mean, really? You saw the same things (by the way, no photo of you on the direct line? Are you saving that one?) You may need to pull that one out on a rainy day.

It was really sweet to get to spend some time with you & Rebecca - it was nice to get to know you more and I hop we get together more often!