the end

Today marked the end of 'Slushie Monday'.  While the kids still have 8 more days of school, they will not have another Monday (off for Memorial Day) during this academic year.  I first wrote about our tradition here, and am completely shocked we have reached the end.

I don't love that the kids are drinking artificial colorings, flavoring and  boat-loads of sugar, but I do love what the drink represents.  And it's a treat, not a staple in our diet.

Maybe next year we will have 'Wheatgrass Shot Wednesday' or 'Tofurkey Thursday' or 'Soba Noodle Saturday' or  .......... not.

 What will Maddi do without her usual slushie 'brain freeze'?  

The whole slushie gang

So long, Sonic!

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pam g. said...

Thanks for including my Emily on your Slushie Days!! She loved them!