opening day

Sooooooo excited to hop out of bed this morning to get ready for the opening day of the Des Moines Farmer's MarketWith over 200 vendors and a season running from May until late October, the market is overflowing with local seasonal produce, fresh flowers and talented artisans.  Last year over 18,000 people pounded the pavement on the first Saturday in May.  From the crowds we waded through this morning, however, a new record is on the horizon.

Not much else describes the beauty other than photos, so I will share the few I captured along the way this morning.  You really MUST attend, however, to appreciate the colors, scents and sounds on Court Avenue.  

Musts for the Market:

  • Invite good friends

  • Do-Si-Do while listening to a live band and eating a breakfast burrito

  • Wear a flowy skirt

  • Buy lots of fresh produce and exclaim loudly how it will nourish your body

  • Try lots of samples; never double dip

  • Scamper sideways whenever possible

  • Ohh and Ahh over every puppy and baby in a stroller (yes, puppies in strollers, too)

  • Ask to take photos of people in silly hats
  • Tell the stranger behind you that you want an apron

  • Give high fives to vendors who sell out before market closing time


BlueGate said...

My sister just sent me the link to your blog. I love finding others with a passion for local foods. Great post, though I'm a little embarrassed to find myself a feature on it...yes, its true, I'm the nut in the chicken hat.

Ah well, if one is going to entertain oneself, one shouldn't be surprised when occasionally one entertains others : )

sugarcreekfarm said...

Hi, I came here from Jill's blog :) I wanted to ask about the picture of the farmers market prints (flower/guitar/pear). Do you happen to know if those are available for purchase somewhere? Thanks!

girlwithasword said...

Ha! Jill you and the Chicken Hat are beyond famous! what a lovely blog, so glad to find it!

Sugarcreek farm, I believe the Downtown Market Staff has those for sale, I'd inquire at the information booth located at 3rd and court while the market runs. :)