be careful what you post

Today I learned a lesson about the blogosphere.  Allow me to explain in a brief, albeit dash(-) heavy, bullet-laden, comma-happy story :

- First you attend a Farmer's Market in a nearby city

- You take along your camera to capture the beauty of the day

- Then you ask to take a photo of a pretty woman who happens to be wearing a chicken hat.  A lovely, probably-homespun-and-dyed yarn, knitted-in-the-shape-of-a-chicken, hat

- Add said photo to a collage of various other pictures taken throughout the day at the Farmer's Market

- Blog about it on your teeny, tiny little nobody-reads-this-but-paid-friends-and-obligated-family-members, blog

- Be utterly and completely blown-away-amazed when you receive an email notifying you someone commented on your blog post .......... the pretty lady in the chicken hat! 

- Continue to be astounded when she explains she found your blog through her sister (who you don't know) who received the link from someone else (you don't know) who graduated from the high school in your current community.  Ha!  

- Email Jill (pretty lady in the chicken hat) and ask permission to keep the photo in the collage.  Exchange pleasantries and ask to post ANOTHER entry with the chicken hat. Who, by the way, is gracious and kind enough to say yes.

- Be flabbergasted at chain of events it took to make this connection happen in the big 'ole blogosphere.

 May I formally introduce:
Jill Beebout of Blue Gate Farm
Read a bit about Jill and Sean and their fabulous mission for the Blue Gate Farm.  Then visit their booth (in the 100 section) at the DSM Farmer's Market every Saturday from 7am-noon, May through October.
Mention Amy sent you and Jill might just put on her hat ......... make sure to buy something (like a bag of their delicious greens) before you ask her to put on the hat, though.  Support your local farmers!!!!!!!!!
The End .......... for now


BlueGate said...

LOL! Thanks for the great introduction and for another giggle : )

Kara said...

Amy, it was ME who sent the link to Jill's sister! I've known them forever. Oh, and Blue Gate has some darn good basil. If I don't ever get mine planted, I will have to rely on them for my basil for my grilled cheese sandwiches.

BlueGate said...

LOL, Kara...thanks for providing the link, the whole thing was damn funny!It will be several weeks before we have basil, but I hope you'll stop by and say hello next time you're at market. : )

Amy said...

I should have known, Kara. You are ALWAYS behind things like this!!!!!

Jill, I will probably be delivering your basil to Kara, so just bag it up and have it ready when you see me.

Anonymous said...

Fabulous! I'm jsut outside of Seattle and enjopying all of you your Farmers Market, and great sharing.

Thanks for sharing!

Pam in Monroe

Amy said...

Thanks for stopping by, Pam! I envy all of the street markets in your neck of the woods ..... as well as all your fresh seafood!