call me the crazy cat lady

Remember back when I introduced this little fuzzy face to the family? Alice / Lalice / Spalice / Meepers / He / She ......... all these names and more. How can you turn away a stray?

Who today is a healthy 7month old feisty kitten who loves water and ankles.

And let us not forget George / Deorge / Francis Allen Aboo / Old Man ...... who not only forgets Alice exists, but often mistakes the napkin holder for emanate danger.

So, when Saturday comes along and I decide to take the girls on a road trip to visit a local creamery, why wouldn't I fall prey to this?:

Free Kittens! Because the mama cat disappeared and the owner of the farm where the 4 kittens were born (under a deck) already has 14 cats and she will now have to take these adorable kittens to a rescue center and they already know how to use the litter box and they are eating soft food and ............... Yeah.  But, just one!

Besides; look how happy they both are with each other.

Alice thinks he is pretty okay, but not big enough to play with yet.  George is too old to care.

So, we will hold him and love him and call him Jasper / Tank / Mister Moo /

And you can call me the cat lady.

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Football & Fried Rice said...

*crazy* cat lady ;)

I love your little Jasper!