i miss

I miss this quiet space.  I used to come here and share a thought or two, uninterrupted.  Now I am surrounded by the constant noise of my three children and three cats.  I think I just wanted to sneak in here for a moment to breathe and to serve as a written reminder for next year when I start looking forward to summer break.

Yes, we are staying up late and enjoying the lack of structured bed time routines.

Yes, we are sleeping in later and staying in pajamas until we have to be dressed.

Yes, we are having adventures and enjoying new discoveries.

However .......

No, I am not able to complete a thought or a sentence without (wait ..... Ben just came to ask a question ....) interruption.

No, I am not enjoying making so many meals during the day, despite placing hours of 'open' and 'closed' for the kitchen.

No, I am not above paying my oldest to watch the younger two while I go out and grocery shop by myself

And to prove I have not off'd my kids, here they are enjoying a local treat = tropical sno! (Maddi will no longer tolerate my photo taking in public)

Jasper ..... all 1.2lbs of him

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