new bling

I am not one to adorn myself with much jewelry, preferring to stick with basics.  Lucky husband!  Don't get me wrong ..... I love diamonds and gems and all things pretty; but mainly I like to see them on other people.  Me, not so much.  'Plain Jane' in the jewelry department describes me best.

I am one, however, to support local artisans in their talents and I did just that on Saturday at the Ankeny Farmer's Market.  I have been admiring the bibbles and baubles of Wendy Rains all year long, as she was Ben's kindergarten teacher (and a totally fabulous one at that!) and was always decorated in her latest designs.  As I worked in the classroom more and got to know Wendy, I discovered she is a very talented glass artist and sells her wares in various local markets.

You can find Wendy and photos of some of her work on her facebook page, as well as a summer schedule of events where she will be showing and selling her artwork. Once you see and touch and feel her jewelry you will want to snatch one up for yourself, then maybe grab a few for friends and family. 

What can be better than looking good and supporting a local teacher and artist?!

Wendy will be mad at me for posting this photo, but I just love how happy she is and how her hair is flying up and making a heart shape.  Do you see it?! 
Forgive me please, pretty please Wendy!


Linda ★ Parker's Paradise said...
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Football & Fried Rice said...

I can't believe your teacher is a cool artist!!! I have heard you talk about Wendy all year & never knew she was so savvy & sassy - LOVE it!! Can't wait to check her out this summer! Thank for sharing - can't wait to see your "adornments" - not that you can stand too much improvement...you are pretty much perfect the way you are ;)