plan B

Do you ever have one of those days where plan B happens more than plan A? And plan B really isn't a plan at all ...... just a fly by the seat of your pants reactionary kind of thing.

Plan A:  

1.  Wake up super early and take Maddi down to the farmer's market.  I was not able to go last week since we were out of town, so I was VERY motivated to go.  

2.  Cheer and jump and 'whoot-whoot' for Ben during his 9am t-ball game.

3.  Look around at the Ankeny farmer's market before they close at 12Noon.

4.  Go to Wheatsfield to stock up on some bulk grains.

5.  Cook and clean and maybe sneak in a nap since I woke up so early.

6.  Make birthday dinner for Dave and watch 'Alice in Wonderland' DVD that I reserved earlier at the RedBox.

Plan B:

1.  Apparently you have to turn the volume up on your iTouch alarm if you want it to actually wake you.  Too late to get down to the market and back before the game.

2.  Fall back asleep and wake up right before the game is due to start; run into the living room to see if anyone is around, only to hear the game has been canceled due to rain.  Decide to get ready and hit the Ankeny market.

3.  Remember you haven't made contact with your mom and proceed to make half a dozen phone calls trying to track her down.  Get hung up on.  Get placed on hold ...... indefinitely. Try to call siblings only to get voice mail.  Start to cry and maybe cuss a little.  Husband takes pity on you and locates Mom on the first try.  Too late now for the market.

4.  Go to Wheatsfield to stock up on some bulk grains.

5.  Cook and clean and go pick weeds since I slept in and don't deserve a nap.

6.  Dave decides to make dinner.  Explain to the family we won't be watching 'Alice in Wonderland' because, you guessed it, I forgot to reserve the movie and now the RedBox is all out.

But, hey! LOOK up at both number 4's!  Plan A all the way, baby!

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