loose lips

Day 2 of summer vacation and these are just a few of the phrases that I heard myself utter .......... all before 11:30am

"Stop yelling my name and come and find me!"

"If you want clean clothes I have to do laundry.  To do laundry I must be free from doing something else for you.  Do you want clean clothes?"

"I will come and wipe your butt in a minute."

"George threw up where?"

"Close. The. Front. Door."

"You are old enough to ....... (insert action)"

"Who used the last of the toilet paper?"

"Why are you dressed in layers and long pants?  Dude.  It's summer."

"No, you may not eat Milk Duds at 9:43am."

"If you are going to come in here and tattle on someone, there had better be blood involved."

"Everything in the living room is going in the trash if it is not picked up in 5 minutes.  GO!!!!!!!"

"George pooped where?"

"No, you may not have Milk Duds at 10:17am"

Ahhhhhhhhhhh.  I love summer break.


Anonymous said...

FUNNY!! Many of these lines were spoken in my house today as well!!

BlueGate said...

Too funny, you know how to have all the good fun!
Not sure if you've seen this blog, but it seemed right up your alley:

Amy said...

Jill ...... are you saying I would relate to a mean mom because I, too, am mean? Huh? What exactly are you inferring? I might have to take away those 10 points.

BlueGate said...

LOL! I'll leave the analytical process up to you, but when you read it, you'll know : )