Saturday mornings have become a time I anticipate all week long; ........ or long week ..... or long day now that the kids are on summer break.  Saturday morning is M-E time.  Time to go and collect my local bounty at a farmer's market or browse a grocery store for new products.  I can choose to be alone (not lonely) or bring along a friend, or even one of my kiddos if I feel like it.  Heck, I may even decide to drag invite Dave along if I think he will behave and not make fun of my oooooooohing and aaaaaaaaaaahing.

This Saturday morning I chose to go it solo.  What a beautiful day!  Even at 7:15am the crowds were thick and noisy.  Not my preference, but I will share the space if dog noses stay out of my bags and people's elbows out of my face. (This is why I do not like crowds.  Being vertically challenged leaves me with NO view and lots of bony body parts knockin' my noggin)

Even with these many shoppers, I was still excited to get in there and find my favorite vendors and products.

(left to right, back row to front row)

  • sprouted sunflower seeds from Fresh (consumed a wheatgrass shot while there)
  • mozerella from .......... shoot, I forgot
  • mint syrup from BGF
  • salad greens from Grinnell Heritage Farm
  • kefir milk from Campbell's Nutrition, CN, (went there after the market)
  • Nourishing Traditions book from CN (I have wanted this book for MONTHS!)
  • feta from Northern Prairie Chevre (so sorry to Reicharts, who I normally give my business, but was not at the market today)
  • honey roasted peanut butter ..... again with the forgetting
  • BGF "Best Ever" oatmeal cookies
  • dough enhancer for my homemade breads (reduces spoilage) from CN
  • wheat berries from CN (playing with sprouting)
  • buy fresh buy local magnet.  Have you pledged yet?  Their email newsletter is AWESOME.
  • basil from BGF
  • Mrs. Meyers Basil scented hand soap from CN.  *love* this scent.

Even though it is now July and sooooooo much more produce is in season, I took a little break this week and purchased some more 'wants' verses 'needs'.  I plan to hit another local farmer's market later this week (Urbandale's at Living History Farms) and grab some in season veggies and fruits.  Anyone care to join me?

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