looking for adventure

Monday; looking for something to do with the kiddos and facing a beautiful day of blue skies, Ceesa and I decided to head out to Jester Park and see what kind of adventures we could muster up to amaze and astound the children.

First up, FLOODING.  Look closely at the brown sign on the leaning post.  It reads: "Camping Only".  Hhhhhhmmmmm.  I'd say it is much better suited for canoeing.  In order to take this photo, we needed to park the cars, hop the 'caution' gates, and walk the rest of the road the road down into the flood waters.  See those whitecaps?  So not supposed to be there.  The kids were scared Ceesa and I were going to be arrested by the Park Ranger, so we skedaddled out of there before the algae could grab our ankles.

We left for higher grounds and soon discovered a beautiful natural playground.

This tree-stump stairway was really pretty. Here we all are taking off on another adventure.

We didn't have to go far to find some more water.  The hiking path disappeared and we were left to wonder where it would lead.

Back up at the natural playground, the kids found a place they could hang out for a bit.  This water feature begged for splashing and jumping, but NO ROCK THROWING.  Put the boulder down, J-man, and back away before anyone gets hurt.

You can't see it here, but Ben is sitting on (and successfully blocking) a small water fountain.  The boys giggled and guffawed every time they managed to direct the spray to resemble ..... well ........ what boys do to relieve themselves.  Oh my.  Such ........ boys.

Not to be outdone, Ellie was the first to discover the exhilaration of laying in the shallow water.  Yes, those rocks are green with slimy sludge, but I knew it was bath night and turned off my 'Mommy Nag'.


Monkey see, Monkey do.

All in all, a great way to spend a sunny afternoon with friends.

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