it sucked and then i cried

Yesterday was rough. 

So rough I had to borrow the title to my post today from a book I read.

So rough I even considered NOT writing about it.

But, how will I get these feelings out if I don't put them to 'paper'?


Dave and I had to make a tough decision about our buddy-cat, George.

George; who had been with us since before we were married.

George; who had been the constant in an ever changing family.

George; our 'little old man', needed us to help him rest.


We made an appointment a week ago and told each other we would cancel it if something didn't feel right.

Then we told Maddi in order to giver her some time to digest the news.

Then we waited and watched while George make his world smaller and smaller.

Then the day came and we told Ellie and Ben; said our goodbyes.


I took George to the vet, praying out loud to Jesus to stop me if I wasn't making the right decision.

Unfortunately I arrived for the appointed time.

I told George I loved him.

I told George 'thank you' for being such a good friend.

His eyes were locked with mine as he left his old failing body behind.

It sucked and then I cried


Anonymous said...

Total sucko. I feel for ya! :0(

BlueGate said...

I'm so sorry, there is nothing to say that will make it easier. You showed him your love and appreciation in the best way possible, a good life and a peaceful end.

Jody said...

I completely understand how you feel. I've had to let 2 cats go in the past few years and I have a dog that I keep praying will just fall asleep, never to wake. Sadly I think I may have to take him in, too. Heartbreaking. I am sorry for your loss.