ding dong

It's dark out and I am at the kitchen table working on the laptop when: 

(Yes . . . . working!  I was inputting data into a recipe analyzer; so ppppfffffttt.)

:: Ding Dong ::

The girls race to reach the front door.

Who could it be?  We never have visitors!

Maddi:  "Oh! It's the UPS man!" 

Ellie:  "It's a BIG box, Mom!"  squeals Ellie

Me:  "Grab the scissors, come on now.  Open 'er up"  

Ellie:  "Packing Peanuts!  I love these things.  Who would send us a box full of peanuts?"

Ellie:  "Oh!  It's my Juicy Juice . . . AND packing peanuts"

Me:  "Yep.  40 boxes of perfectly proportioned carbs to treat Ellie's lows.  Ahhhhhh.  It's a beautiful thing."

Maddi:  "That's it?  Just juice?  Hokaaaaaaay"  ::shrugging shoulders::" (remember, Maddi is just 7 days shy of being a full-fledged teenagerhelp me 

*Thank you to Lora over at my diabetic child; who contacted Nestle, the makers of Juicy Juice, to host a giveaway (Sugar Bolus) and I just happened to be the winner-winner-chicken-dinner!*


Wendy said...


Thanks, Juicy Juice!

Happy Thanksgiving!

htimm=) said...

Lucky girls! Happy Thanksgiving!

Tiggeriffic said...

Have a Tiggeriffic Thanksgiving~!
Juicy Juice is good..Helps with the nasty sugar low.. Cute pictures..Boy the UPS man was really early.
Hugs to all~! it's a day to eat and hug all our loved ones..
ta ta for now...from Iowa

Reyna said...

Lucky DUCK!!! Congrats. Don't use them all in one sitting...LOL.

Love to you Amy...

Happy Thanksgiving. I am thankful for your presence in the DOC.

Lora said...

How cute!! I love packing peanuts too!!

Meri said...

Awesome prize!! The most useful sugar bolus prize yet I would say!

Heidi / D-Tales said...

How awesome is that?! :) Congrats!