2010 in photos

On Friday, January 1 2010, I began a project of taking a photo a day for every day of the year.  I decided to do this because as my kiddos were getting older, I noticed my photo albums were getting slimmer.  Besides, I wanted a project that would FORCE me to look at something in my day that was 'photo worthy'.  I am so glad I did.

Did I actually take a photo every day of 2010?  Sadly, no.  I wanted to!  But life happens and, for example, just 29 days into the year I simply forgot to take a photo.  I almost scrapped the project due to the mistake, but instead decided to acknowledge the misstep with a 'blank' insert and move on.

Some days I took several photos and found myself frustrated with having to choose just one (or two or three) .

Other days I took a couple extra photos to use as insurance for future brain farts.

Then came the days and weeks following Ellie's T1 Diabetes diagnosis and life was just a whirl of craziness.  I spent quite a bit of time staring at the wall, trying to regroup my thoughts in order to move on to the next task at hand.  Life was too complicated to think about my silly project. I questioned then if I should stop taking photos but I didn't want to throw away 3/4 of the year. Instead,  I 'put my big girl panties on' and took a photo of that wall I had been staring at.  You'll see it was used more than once, I am afraid.

Most days, however, I saw something beautiful, remembered my project, and grabbed my camera to capture the moment . . . . just what I set out to do in the first place.

Maddi asked me the other day if I was going to do it again for next year.  She has made it a habit to ask me about the photos from time to time and I have enjoyed sitting down with her (and Dave, Ellie & Ben) to look through the 'album'.

I can confidently say I will not be doing another year in photos, but you can bet something else will be in the works.

For now, enjoy my 2010 Year in Review in photos. 

Happy New Years, everyone!!!!!


Reyna said...

Was that a zamboni? outside? God I need one for our backyard rink! LOL.

Amy, I admire that you stuck with it. I know it has been an incredibly sucky year to say the least. Your positive attitude and grace have touched me deeply. I was in such a funk for a good year and a half after Joe's diagnosis...I don't know that I could have provided the love and support that you give all of us daily.

I am honored to be side-by-side with you in this hell...called "d-life". Happy 2011. Love to you and yours.

Wendy said...

Wow :)


There's one of the kitchen all messed up with pasta sauce everywhere. I felt like I was staring at my life when I saw it.

And I loved the one of all the matchbox cars lined up. My youngest LOVES cars. It reminded me of her ;)

You're doing fantastic, Amy. Keep up the good work. I feel blessed to have found you and can't wait to see what waits in 2011!

Football and Fried Rice said...


Once a week....I am with you;)

I couldn't see the pics, but wlll check back for sure! I am sure you did an amazing job!

Lora said...

Wow! What a fun project :)

I luv Sonic, what in thew world is the green stuff in the Coke glass and it makes me happy that the JJ was photo worthy :)

You did a great job... thanks for sharing.

Pam said...

All I can say is WOW! I LOVE LOVE LOVE this project! I'm going to face my fears of failure and commit to Project 365 - 2011. And good for you for sticking with it through such a difficult time. I actually wish I had some pictures of Grace around the time she was diagnosed.

Thank you for the inspiration! And thank you for sharing your journey. It's been wonderful getting to know you through your writing.

Best wishes for 2011!

Tracy (The Crazy Pancreas) said...

Love this! I just started my first Project 365 today. I hope I can stick with it.

Looks like it is worth it in the end to see all those amazing photos/memories!

Hallie said...

I LOVE your pics! I love all the pics! The kids are so cute... and so are the kittens! We LOVE kitties at our house! So... What kind of camera do you have? Your pics are amazing! I'd love to do this but my camera broke!

Amy said...

Reyna . . . yes, a zamboni on an outdoor skating rink in downtown Des Moines. LOVE IT!

Wendy . . . the pasta sauce fiasco tasted pretty good!

Lora . . . green smoothie. Apple, pear, ice, herbal tea and spinach!

Pam & Tracy. . . you absolutely will NOT regret it. Seriously. I am already kind-of-sort-of missing it;) I can't wait to see both your progress!!!!

Hallie . . . I just use a Canon Powershot 10Megapixal point and shoot. I think I have a photo of the camera in the first 10 days or so. It was a MUST to have a camera I could toss in my purse!

Heather said...

I am passing on the Stylish Blogger Award to you! I enjoy your blog and hope others will find and enjoy it too.
So, Congratulations you have been awared the STYLISH BLOGGER AWARD!

Mrs. Tuna said...

I came over based on Heather's recommendations, what a great job you did with this. Some really wonderful shots.

Nicole said...

What a wonderful project!! I'm so glade that you were able to finish what you started even though there were some bumps in the road...that's what life is all about. Great wall pic!!

and your fridge how in the world do you keep it so organized and nicely decorated. Every time I place something on the door's it looks a mess your fridge door's are a piece of art.

thanks for sharing and thank for the beautiful comments on my blog. I really appropriate them, and you should still enter the giveaway. It's a great prize!! ;)