the process

Let me start off this rant with saying the process sucks.

What process, you ask?

The frickin' frackin' stupidy-stup-stupid process of attaining test strips for Ellie.

The process should be easy.

The process should be simple.

The Dr. prescribes 8-10 finger pokes a day.  The insurance company approves 8-10 test strips a day.  Simple math.  Easy Peasy.  So why isn't it?

Instead, I am left pulling my hair out in frustration because the mail order pharmacy just mailed out HALF of what we need.

What's the problem, you ask? 

I don't frickin' know!!!!!!

Apparently, in order for us to have in our hands a 90 day supply of test strips (which would equal 900 if we test 10 times a day) we must:

Jump through hoops . . . . .

Walk over hot coals with our bare feet . . . . .

Bend over Backwards. . . . .

And kiss someone's ass

All I want is to poke holes in Ellie's finger's and make her bleed AS MANY TIMES A DAY as I want to.

Is that too much to ask????????


Reyna said...

Oh honey I feel your pain! Good luck. Once you get it set up I am sure your insurance will change - "LOL!" and "UGH!" all at the same time. Sometimes I don't know whether to laugh or cry in dealing with this shit.

Joanne said...

Ha! Thanks for the laugh, although it's not really all that funny.

And thank you for your sweet comment on my last post. Hmmmm, a 12 part mini-series? I'm exhausted just thinking about it!

Tiggeriffic said...

I had problems getting my test strips this last time. The Dr. gave the pharmacy the wrong prescription.. I told the Pharmacy I couldn't use this kind and gave it back.. They said you have to take them...So I told the Pharmacy I'm not taking them.. They said "Well call the Dr. and call you when we get the right ones... Two days later I got the ones I needed..
I feel bad for you because we are stuck and at the insurance and Dr's mercy. It's all Politics~!
and it stinks....P-----U~!~!

connie said...

Feeling your pain, my friend...feeling your pain!!! I have so been there, done that...one time we weren't able to get either of my daughter's test strips refilled because of some crazy reason and I ended up running out of strips for both of my girls!!! The pharmacy kept telling us it was a problem on the insurance end of things, then the insurance would say 'it's not us, must be the pharmacies problem.' Back and forth, back and forth! Lucky for us, their Endo is AWESOME and she had a box of sample strips we were able to get from her until we could get a refill.

It just stinks and it aint right!

Football and Fried Rice said...

Lol....you GO girl :)

Wendy said...



Here ya go.

Here's HALF her order. Maybe we'll have a cure before she needs the other half.


Amanda said...

Amen!! Thanks for the laugh! Even if it is a laugh of frustration...=)

Shannon said...

hahahaha! That is so funny!!! Not your problem, but the pictures. I have the same problems with Novalog. My son just keeps growing and growing, requiring more and more. We keep running out, I keep calling the doctor and the mail order company and then they send me the same amount, forcing me to pay retail at CVS. I loved this post.