My FaceBook post this morning:

Amy ______________ has upgraded her 1997 model pint sized child to a 2010 model fully hormone-loaded teenager!!!!! The trade-in won't be official until 9:44pm tonight, but so far the trade is worth it;)

Yes . . . . it is true. I am now the mother of a teenager. ::shudder::

But, MY teenager if wwwwwwaaaaaaaayyyyyyy cool and will NEVER hate me.

When I knock on the bathroom door as she is getting ready she will never be embarrased by the sight of her mother yielding a camera

And when I call her by her nick name (sorry, I am forbidden to share it with you . . . . however, if someone mentions it in the comments section I have no control) she smiles shyly and says; "Moooooooooooooom"

Yep, I have a pretty neat girl.

So wonderful, in fact, that I requested something VERY unique from Mother Nature.

Happy Birthday Maddi Girl!!!!!!!!


Football and Fried Rice said...

I could see the glittering! It was a very calm, peaceful, sunny glittery day! Gorgeous! Just like your Maddi is! I can't believe your first born has entered the age of knowing it all ;) And I am sure she does! happy Birthday, beautiful girl!

Meri said...

Happy Birthday to your teenager! she is so lucky to have such a cool mom who seems to have an "in" with Mother Nature! So cute!

Reyna said...

AWWW...YOU are so COOL Amy!!! I hope her Birthday was fantastic!!! xoxoxo

Hallie said...

How awesome is that?!? A Teenager... woah... Hope it was a happy, happy day!

Amy Scheer said...

I lived in NW Iowa for 5 years and weren't no glitterin' all that time. Maddi must be extra special!