it's a major award

Quick . . . the quote in the title came from the 2nd best movie ever made (behind Princess Bride, of course)

2,754 points go to the winner of the correct answer.

Now, on to the award!

1. Thank the person who gave me this award

Heather is where it started (for me) and Joanne who finally motivated me to get my butt in gear.
2. Share 7 things about myself


  - I have chin hair. Yep. Hair on my chinny-chin-chin. No worries, I just pluck 'em out when they stick out far enough to notice. Some are black and some are white but every single one of them is wiry. Why is that?  I used to be embarrassed about it but life is too short to worry about chin hair, don't you think?
 - When I was young I was once laid down in the driveway and pretended to be hurt or dead just to see if someone would stop their car and ask if I was okay. No one did.

- I am 4'11-and-3/4". Yes, that 3/4 matters!!!!!!! I love being short, though. Except when I am in a crowd. Then I get scared and claustrophobic because I can't see my way out.

 - My majors in college: pre-med, physical therapy, exercise science and geology. Degrees = 0. School of life = more than I can count.

 - I like smart people. I should be intimidated by them, but I am not. I love to listen to geniuses work through a theory or question. Their body language and facial expressions and vocal inflections are all fascinating to me. They seem to go to another place, unreachable to me, and I am honored to be witness something beyond my understanding.

- I used to think if I could have anything, I would want solitude. Now I crave community, even if it drives me nuts sometimes. Being alone and in your own thoughts for too long is the definition of crazy.

 - I always knew Ellie, my 8yo daughter who has T1 diabetes, was going to be a challenge. I just figured it would manifest in the form of a policemen at the door with Ellie standing sheepishly behind him. Now I am relieved it is just diabetes and I don't have to worry about teenage angst. Right? Right.

3. Pass the award on to 12 bloggers you have recently discovered and who you think are fantastic

I think Reyna is the only one who hasn't done this yet ;)

Hahahahahahaha . . .  Okay. If you haven't done one yet, considered yourself nominated!!!!!


Tiggeriffic said...

Chin hair ~! I have it too and it's all white.. wiry is correct.. Those little buggers are hard to get ahold of and rib out of one's chin..
So once a month when I get my hair cut I have the gal that cuts my hair do a wax job on my eyebrows, chin and mustache.. Yes, the mustache.. It helps in between getting my hair cut to keep the chin hairs at bay..
ta ta for now from Iowa 13 degrees and sunny.

Reyna said...

Shit...you caught me! I get on it soon. I have more company...I am watching my 3 year old niece for Tara (the runner)...she is house hunting in Connecticut this week.

Anyway...about the chin hair...ME TOO. I pluck too...and you are right, life is too short to worry about them.

And the laying down in the driveway? You are a KooK!!! I love that about you for sure.

Great post! It was fun getting to know you better.

Joanne said...

I love your facts... especially the laying down in the driveway thing. Too funny.

Glad I was able to motivate you. Now if I could just motivate myself...

Tracy1918 said...

I keep seeing your comments on other blogs and I decided to pop over and say hi!

I can't wait to "poke" around and get to know you better! : )

Wendy said...

AWESOME!!!! I'm loving you more and more with every post :)

And, BTW, I would have stopped...just so you know.

BakkeChaos said...

A Christmas Story - ding,ding,ding!!! I'm redeeming my 2,754 points tomorrow at 345p. :)

Meri said...

Awesome list!! I smiled through the whole thing! Two of my sisters are under 5 foot. They always complain how hard it is. Nice to find someone who embraces their under five footedness!

Pattie said...

Ok, so I teared up while reading this one! Thanks a lot!! Ugh!