survey addicted

Hello, my name is Amy. and I am addicted to surveys.

Polldaddy is a quick fix for when I crave opinions.  I realize by particpating in my polls and surveys you are only enabling me, but I promise no one is being harmed by my obsession.

I am not alone in my infatuation for information.  Just yesterday Wendy put up a pretty pink poll on her Candy Hearts site.  See!!!!  It's contagious!

So, help a girl out give me your best answer.  It's for sweet Ellie, anyway.  Does that help to throw in a little guilt? ;)

*Survey closes on Monday, January 24th at 3pm so a team name can be chosen and a JDRF Walk for the Cure page created!!!!


Mrs. Tuna said...

Last thing I need is another addiction. Good luck on the walk.

Tracy1918 said...

Love this name!