survey results

I just finished tabulating (hehe .... that scientist thing again) the results from the survey:  From one pancreas to another, and have the results on a stand-alone page at under the header.  You can click here to see the answers.  I did make a mistake, however, and somehow lost the results to the first question about treating a stubborn low.  Chalk it up to being technologically challenged.

Thanks again for playing along!  The next one is going to be multiple choice so in the end I can create a cool bar graph.  You know, kind of like this one ;)


Meri said...

Awesome survey! It was fun reading through the answers, and quite informative too!

Hallie said...

I LOVE this! I don't know how I missed it..?! I enjoyed reading it!

Love the nap graph. Where's the D Mama column!?

Anonymous said...

Hey, this is cool. Keep doing them!!! I like that it lists all the answers too!!! Hope all is well! ((hugs))

Reyna said...

Love it! I guess I should keep my answers anonymous instead of using Joe's name - LOL.

AND...I wanna know what the person who is afraid that we will think "bad of them" will do for sleep. LOL.