good fridays

Ahhhhhhh, Finally Friday!  I seriously thought it just might not make an appearance this week.  Since it is here, however, I will honor it and list my most notable, favorite things about the week having n-o-t-h-i-n-g to do with Type 1 Diabetes (T1D). 

1.  Wednesday night, Dave and I had our first connection with our 'Cell Group' Cell Groups are groups of adults who meet in homes throughout the week to pursue Biblical fellowship and apply God’s Word to their lives in specific ways. In a large and growing congregation, cell groups are the primary place at the church where we can go beyond the surface and get to know others more deeply. In cell groups, we can more realistically use our gifts to serve, hold one another up in our struggles, and apply God’s Word in specific ways from church.  I was great to meet some new couples and begin a routine of regular Bible study. 

2.  Ben and Dave put the finishing touches on their pinewood derby car for Tiger Scouts.  The big race is tomorrow, so I am sure a post will be up next week describing the event.  

 This scenario may or may not have happened in our house ;)

3.  Maddi saying she would wear a skirt.  Well, okay.  Let me back up this story a little bit.  My dear eldest child is a girl who loves comfort and no fuss.  Jeans and a T-shirt are her clothes of choice and she doesn't understand why any sane woman would choose anything fancier.  SO, next Saturday she is attending a Valentine's Dance for the kids she helps out with in the special needs room at her school.  She is very dedicated to these students and jumped at the chance to see and be with them at this event. 

Me:  "I am so glad you are going!  Do you know what the dress code for the party is?"

Maddi:  "Oh, I didn't think about that.  I'll probably just wear jeans and a shirt."

Me:  "What if it is a fancy event and you need to wear a skirt?"

Maddi:  "Well, then I guess we are going shopping for a skirt."

You could have knocked me over with a feather!  I am so proud of that girl for the person she is becoming. 
Happy Friday!!!!!


Nikki of Our Diabetic Warrior said...

Maddi, I'm sure you'll look beautiful!!! You have a big heart and those kids are lucky to have you as their friend.

Roselady said...

Oh my, Maddi -- skirts can really be a girl's best friends. And, beautiful dresses, too. There's are simply not enough occasions to dress up for anymore!
And, I'm really looking forward to derby car building days around this house in the next year or so!

Joanne said...

I'm with Maddi... a comfortable, no-fuss kinda girl! She sounds like a great kid.

Meri said...

Only wear a skirt when you HAVE to...a good motto to live by!

Reyna said...

The Pinewood Derby is the BEST! I cannot believe what a huge deal it is. Joe's car went very far last year...he even raced in Districts!

Did they do a "Wedge" design?

Love, Love, Love Maddi!

Lora said...

I am a no fuss jeans girl myself!!
With flip flops, of course :)

Hallie said...

Maddi sounds like me when I was younger! Now I'm fancy! Well- I was before D!! I love her dedication! Pictures please!!

Mrs. Tuna said...

I have to wear skirts for work, but don't like that everyone can see my white chicken legs. I wear pantyhose to mask the brilliant white glare.

Tracy1918 said...

That is so cute!