not feeling the love

Anyone else not feeling the love this Valentine's Day?  I usually get all excited over finding just the right project to craft something special up for the kiddos. 

Whether it be a unique handmade valentine:

we made these little 'sour cream' packets out of scrapbook paper and filled them with little chocolates


decorating for the special day:

Hearts cut out from valentine napkins and taped to the refrigerator (cupid snuck in the house and did this) 


designing a really cute bag for the school party;

Cutting up a laminated tablecloth and sewing it into a happy bag to receive lots of lovely valentines

Yeah, I think I was in a little bit of 'Martha Stewart' overload but executed it more like a Becky Homecky. 

That was last year . . . . . .

THIS year I am approaching the love drenched holiday with a heavy heart. 


Because Valentines Day is worse than Halloween in the 'sweets' and 'candy' department and that means Ellie (my T1D) is going to feel left out.

EVEN though we will allow her to save some sweets for future lows and then a few pieces to 'eat and treat' (consume and dose extra insulin), she will inevitably get upset that she cannot freely indulge.  Another moment to shake my fist in the air at T1D.

Will Ben and Maddi freely indulge?  They shouldn't, but knowing my weakness for letting my kiddos be free and fun, they will have a moment or two of frantic unwrapping followed my sounds of chewing in pleasure.  Why should I deny them this simple pleasure?

Anyway; I guess I am just a little blue about this glittery pink holiday.  Maybe just the act of writing this all out will purge my system of the frustration and leave room for a little cupid magic to take place. 

Anyone else not feeling the love? 


Denise said...

Right there with you!!!
I have always done super cute homemade valentines with my boys....last night I *gasp* bought boxed valentines with cartoon characters on them!
Too tired to be crafty....and no kidding about the sweets on Vday! Holy sugar!

The Anderson Chronicle said...

I'm only one month into our diagnosis but I already feel sorry for my little man and refused to buy candy for the treats this year. So not fair! Loved you crafts. We made valentines with puzzle pieces on them that say you have a piece of my heart.

Alexis of Justices Misbehaving Pancreas said...

Im hoping school isnt an issue but here at home we allow a piece a day till its gone..and if J cant have it neither can S. We do this with everything. Just makes it more fair.

I hope u feel the love....cause we love ya!!

Anonymous said...

Feeling any better after venting? And Yowza on your past crafty projects!!!!Hang in there!

Joanne said...

Valentine's Day has never been a big deal for me, but today Elise came home from school talking up a storm about it.

Her teacher did say that she was going to tell the kids that any sweets they get at class, they can't have until they go home. At least there's that.


Hallie said...

Valentines day at school is nuts. There's something about those little cards that make the kids crazy. And the sugar!! No matter how much I say no candy, no matter how much I say check with me first before sending in treats.... We always have tons of crap. Yuk. Sweets teacher won't really have a party.... But next year. And the next. And the next.... Ugh. :(. I love Vday. But I hate THAT part.

htimm=) said...

<3 Those first holidays after dx are the toughest...I have been stressed but I'm trying not to let D steal my joy. You are a fun mom and I'm sure Vday will be fun at your house...we do sugar free jello in heart shaped molds. I hope you get the <3 back. Even if you don't, know you are loved and there are many of us right there with you not so happy with the chocolate covered holiday.

Wendy said...


You are SO Martha!!!

I am SO NOT Martha!!!

She brings her loot home and shares it :)

1 treat a day is how we roll.

Reyna said...

I remember hitting the first and part of the second year's holidays post-diagnosis with dread and trepidation. Since, I think it has become easier. I do let Joe and Bridge have a couple of treats after dinner on the day they receive them and then let them have about 12-15 grams-worth at a pop with a meal over the next few days. If I remember right...you guys aren't pumping? right? So, I think that makes things a bit trickier too. I only had to go through one Halloween without the pump...all the other holidays we had that, which allowed for some flexibility.

BTW, you are rockin' the M Stewart Amy! WOOT!

Roselady said...

I figured this V-Day I would get each of the kids a small chocolate filled valentine heart from Fannie May. I don't feel bad about a piece of chocolate after dinner. Better than the more sugary treats. Of course, I don't have to contend with the at-school Valentine parties. A perk of homeschooling I guess.

But, love your crafts. We did valentines the other day. Too bad only one of the five seemed to enjoy them!

NikDuck said...

Awesome crafts! I completely understand your feelings. Nat is a bit sheltered being just in preschool and they aren't allowed to eat any of the treats at school. I usually just let her have a piece or two with her meal and dose for that. She is amazingly accepting of that...thank goodness!

Donna ((Sweet Momma)) said...

The Sugar Kids are absolutely OVER THE MOON about V-Day this year.

BIG party planned at school.

Our plan: I will take that day off of work. I have volunteered to help in the classroom for the party. I wont be much help, instead I will be an invisible shadow to Sugar Boy. He will have free will to eat what he wants (he only gets to do it 2x a year, after-all) for that entire day. I will just come in behind him and dose as we go. THEN after the party. Thats it. No more. We will put away the candy that can be used for lows. And the rest will go to the office with me.
Sounds like a good plan for now. I feel pretty good about it right now. I am pretty sure I will be a nervous wreck by the time its all over!!! :)

Lora said...

I have not felt the love in a couple years. I use to LOVE finding the cute crafts too(love the sour cream things btw).

Nikki of Our Diabetic Warrior said...

Hi Amy,
I have made a special secret treat station in the house for my other two kids. They just love it! I feel bad sometimes that I give so much attention to Andrew because he NEEDS extra attention. When they want a little treat, everything goes under the radar, even if that means they have to hide out in my closet eating a couple pieces of chocolate.hehe This way Andrew doesn't know and feel bad and the other two are content and happy. All in moderation of course!

Tracy1918 said...

Oh my word...I haven't even THOUGHT about Valentine's Day. Is it really next week?! Yikes.

Been too busy with snow days and a rotten cold.

I better get my rear in gear!

Meri said...

Valentines day can't be worse than halloween! IT CAN'T!!

I'm the kinda mom that wants it over with. If its hanging around...its all they think about! So I let them eat most of the chocolate, and save the pure sugar stuff for lows. Good luck! Hopefully it won't be as bad as we think...right?

Pattie said...

Should I attach school Valentines to a bananna? Orange? Apple? I'm all about it. I hate purchasing candy for school functions!