good friday

Three moments I am most grateful for this past week. (No T1D allowed!)

1.  My Benny Boy, aka Ben Russell, is 7 years old today.  MY BABY IS 7!!!  And for that, I am grateful.  He is a true joy.  Compassionate and loving and busy.  Did I mention busy?  Yes, God made a boy who loves to explore and be on the move.  I am so thankful He chose me to be his mom.

2. I am lucky to be among some pretty cool chicks, one of whom opened her home at 4am this morning to host a royal viewing of the British nuptials.  I set my alarm for 3:33am, donned my jewels and woke up sleepy Maddi so she could accompany me to the royal event.  We dined on mini-quiche, berries and cream, and lots of coffee. 

3.  Celebrated the most joyous day on the calendar, Easter Sunday, with my wonderful church family.  Oh Happy Day!  Christ has risen.  Another magical moment of the day was when Maddi decided, on her own, to wear a skirt ::gasp:: for the special occasion.  The same skirt, I might add, that I wore 10 years ago to my high school reunion. :0

Now I am off to finish the boy's cake and if I time it just right, maybe even catch a little nap.  Happy Friday!


Reyna said...

HEY...it is Joe's B-day too!!! WoHooo!!!! for our boys Amy. I love that you were up early this am watching the Wedding. I was blogging...trying to get some "spacing" issues worked out - ACK!


Roselady said...

Wow so many birthdays this week! Love the photo collage of your boy!

Nikki of Our Diabetic Warrior said...

Happy Birthday to your "baby"!!!! My baby just turned 6. I've always told them that they were not allowed to get older than 5 but none of them listened.lol

The Royal Wedding was just beautiful! I can't imagine how Kate is feeling today. Her life will be changed forever.

Denise aka 'Mom of Bean' said...

Happy Birthday...hope you are catching that nap!!

I was lazy and DVR-ed the wedding...didn't have it in me to stay up all night!

Meri said...

Happy Friday! Happy Birthday to your cutie pa tootie!!

Mrs. Tuna said...

Happy birthday to your baby boy!

sky0138 said...

Happy Birthday!!! I hope he had a fantastic day!!

Wendy said...

***LOVE*** the tiara!

Great post. I love peeking into your world beyond D :)