demo pod

Demo Pod  *  Pump Class  *  Stacked Combo Bolus  *  A1C  *   Carb Ratio

These phrases were NOT in my everyday vocabulary 8 months ago.  ::sigh::  T1D certainly packs a full bag when he moves in to the house.

So . . .  it's time.  Time for Ellie to begin her journey with a different insulin delivery system.  The multiple shots a day are working, but there is another option to getting her life saving medicine into her body.  A magic pill!  Ah, sadly no.  Insulin in pill form will not work because the digestive juices will mess with it and make it worthless.

We have been researching various models of insulin pumps ever since Ellie's diagnosis, but have waited on making the jump to the pump until the honeymoon was over.  We are scheduled for a pump class offered by our endocrinologist's office in a couple of weeks.  Reps from the various insulin pump companies will be there to talk to us and show us their equipment, but we are already biased.

Ellie doesn't want tubes . . . . or to have to carry around the attached pump.  Despite the cute belts and totes we could buy (or even make), Ellie wants:

The Omnipod.

We ordered a free demo pod (just a dummy - no insulin or saline) off the website and it arrived in the mail today.  Ellie will have the opportunity to see it, touch it, and place it on her body with the adhesive so see how it feels.  According to the directions, we will fill the pod every three days with both of Ellie's insulin types (basal and fast acting) and the infusion set is built into the pod.  A separate PDM will operate the pump, but from a-f-a-r.  As in up to 5 feet away.  As in she can carry it in her D-bag.

The PDM . . . and Ellie can accessorize with a colorful skin!

I hope we all love it as much as we love the idea of it.

Much more to come as we begin the journey to pumping!!!


Roselady said...

So, looks like we're both all about wireless. I just completed my paperwork today -- just waiting on insurance approval and we should be podding soon! We'll have to compare notes!

Denise aka 'Mom of Bean' said...

Bean has been podding for almost 7 months now. We love it and wouldn't trade it for anything!
You actually use one insulin...whatever fast acting you use now...for both the basal and bolus in the pod. It just gives a tiny amount each hour for the basal.
I'm excited for you!! Feel free to ask questions if you want!

Reyna said...

This is exciting Amy. I cannot wait to hear about her reaction to it. The skins look uber-way-cool.

Penny said...

You will LOVE the OmniPod. My gal has been pumping with it for over a year now and we have never regretted it! You will use only one fast acting insulin in her pod, not two insulins. The one fast acting insulin will serve as her background (basal) insulin and her bolus insulin. Good luck, can't wait to hear about it!

Football and Fried Rice said...

Oh my this is SOOOOO cool!!!! I cant believe there are NO tubes! And anything that has "pod" in it HAS to be awesome!

hey, by the way - is it wrong that I giggle every time I read/hear the word "D-bag" - cause where I'm from - D-Bag is what we call peeps we don't like :)

AND - we need to get taco night on the calendar. Seriously - you cant be THAT busy. you just cant.

Laura @ Houston We Have A Problem! said...

Nate has been podding for 1 year and 2 months. We LOVE it. I am cheering you on!!!

Misty said...

We tried out the demo a few weeks ago.. It stayed on the whole three days.. We are doing a saline trial for nine days starting on May 20th. Then if all goes well-they will order it along with a Dexcom 7plus. My youngest son Isaac was diagnosed on 12-27-2010. Thanks for blogging..it is a blessing to me to read blogs about other type 1families.

Wendy said...

So exciting!!!!

I wish you a very long, happy, blessed journey ahead :)

For reasons aside from being tubeless, it's not an option we will consider, but I pray it turns out to be everything you guys are looking for -- and more!

Amy said...

Thank you everyone for the correction that the pump will only use the one type of insulin. Duh. Good thing they will have training for this . . . right?!

Stephanie said...

Yay! So excited to read about your Omnipod journey! We have the Animas right now, but I imagine in a few years we will be podding as well. :)