good friday

Keeping on track with the 'good friday' posts certainly make me realize just how fast the week passes!  This week was no exception with the school year winding down and the Alaska trip inching closer and closer.  So many things and moments for which to be grateful.

1.  This springy week has brought the buds and blossoms out in full bloom.  Not only are things 'greening up' around here, but the moderate temps have allowed us to open our windows and have fresh air blowing throughout the house.  The stale and musty smells of winter wafted out the windows as the smells of fresh cut grass whispered in through the screens.

2.  The energy of the air in the house energized me to do some spring-like cleaning and organizing.  Not a full-fledged bleach fest, but a dusting off and re-arranging sort of cleaning event.  I even made an appointment to clean up myself by making an appointment to get my locks prettied up.

3.  I am sooooooo excited the Des Moines Farmer's Market opening day is set for tomorrow morning!!!!  I realize this is a gratitude statement made for a future event, but I say it fits because I have been waiting ALL WINTER for it's return.  I will be up at 6am and at the ready with my shopping cart and travel buddy (Ellie) to be one of the first of thousands who will shop the market.  Woo-To-The-Hoo!!!

Who knows what kind of fun we can get ourselves into THIS year!

Happy and GOOD FRIDAY to everyone!  What are you grateful for?


Reyna said...

First off, your hair looks Mah-vel-ous! AND, seriously...you NEED a "chicken" hat like the one pictured at the bottom of the post. You too could be doing "performances" on YouTube with that bad boy donned! xoxo

Sarah said...

love the hair cut, it's beautiful. Maybe next time we can see if Reyna can do something as wonderful to mine!
I can't wait for our farmers market, too...I guess it needs to get out of the freezing rainy weather for more than a day though!
Have a great Friday!

Trev said...

I would totally wear the chicken hat. Gotta Luv the farmers market.

Denise aka 'Mom of Bean' said...

Cute 'do!!
I'm drooling now for our markets...will have to wait several weeks, though but those humongous veggies are worth the wait!

Oh, and since you asked....I'm thankful for the new principal Bean's school is getting. He was in the building today and just seeing him there was a breath of fresh air. Looking forward to a much better year next year!!

Roselady said...

All those things I love...open windows, clean houses, great haircuts and really fresh food.

Heidi / D-Tales said...

Ahhh, such good stuff -- all of it!

Oh, wait, it's Amy's blog on which I'm commenting! :-) So scratch what I just wrote. Instead, make that:

Ahhh, such awschum stuff -- all of it! :-)

Your hair truly looks awschum! For real!

Wish we had a Farmer's Market as fantastic as yours.