good friday

It's F-R-I-D-A-Y; and yes, it is good.  Here are my favorite three moments from the past week:

1.  Mother's Day family bike ride.  This was the first year since having children that the ENTIRE family rode independently . . . as in no bike trailer or trail-a-bike . . . everyone rode their OWN bike.  We packed the van with all five bikes and all five Bergers and drove to a nearby trail.  From there we rode about 45 minutes and then stopped along the river to skip rocks, rehydrate and relax.  We hopped back on the bikes to ride back to the van and THEN realized Ben left his new biking gloves back by the river.  Ugh.  Daddy got an extra ride to retrieve the gloves while the kids and I drove to meet him at the other end.  All in all a great day!

2.  The spring gifts we ordered for the kids arrived this week.  My siblings and I each received a small amount of insurance money left over from my Mom's burial fees, and I decided to spend the money on my kiddos as a belated gift from their Grandma.  All of the gifts are outdoor toys and the weather this week did not disappoint!  A trampoline, jump ropes, parachute, wiffle balls and a stomp rocket were just what the Dr. ordered for Spring Fever.

3.  My good friend Sara invited me over to look through her old homeschooling resources and books.  This was just the thing I needed to jump start my mojo back into researching, organizing and gathering mode for our upcoming year of homeschooling adventures.  I need to put pen to paper and figure out a rough draft of the subjects we want to cover and then start acquiring what we will need to make it all happen.  I simply cannot put into words how excited we all are about this new chapter in our lives!

What are YOU excited about today?


Nikki of Our Diabetic Warrior said...

We LOVE when our homeschool books arrive in the mail and we get to root through them! I'm so excited that you're able to join in the homeschooling journey.

What a blessing to have a friend nearby to help you along the way!

Roselady said...

Homeschooling can be quite fun. Esp since you have bigger kids and no babies crying everytime you try and read something aloud! But watch out for spring fever. Right now i'm having a hard time to motivate anyone to work past lunch! And, your spring toys look pretty fun, too.

Football and Fried Rice said...

We are SO coming over to party on that trampoline!! (or as Mya calls it the JUMP-oline!!) woot!!! I am glad you had a good week - you certainly deserve it - it will wayyy too hot for family bike rides soon!! (hate to say that!)

Your kids look like mine with the school books! Glad to hear about it - pray you have the most successful year!

Love you, girl!!

Denise said...

all GOOD stuff
fun fun fun!!

Reyna said...

YOU.ARE.THE.BEST.MOM.EVER. All that outside gear with the money is such a fantastic thing Amy. You and your Good Friday's make my heart lighter. Thank you for that good friend. xoxo

Mrs. Tuna said...

Great way to think of your mom through your kids.

Heidi / D-Tales said...

The outdoor toys are a wonderful way to honor your mother's memory. Wherever she is, I bet she's smiling. And your kids will always remember how their trampoline and parachute and other toys came to them.

Sarah said...

what fun you guys had together!
Homeschooling sounds like quite an adventure, I am looking forward to hearing about how it works for you and your family :)