new bling

I am not a jewelry person.  I wear my wedding ring and that is about it, unless I put on one of my three pairs of earrings.  I do like the idea of jewelry, just not so much on me. 

My ideal adornment would include my wedding ring, a pair of diamond studs and a signature everyday necklace.  I now have two out of the three thanks to Lisa Leonard Designs!

the front of the necklace has my beloved's name along with my kiddos - the back is inscribed with 'hope for a cure T1D'

Now I just need a pair of diamond stud earrings to complete the look! ;)

something like these, perhaps?

Next up is a replacement for Ellie's medical id bracelet.  I wrote about her Shain's bracelet here, and was thrilled with the whimsical look and unique options.  In practice and 8yo busy kid life, however, the bracelet did not hold up.  The ink on the individual plastic elements began to wear off and the part where the bracelet 'plugged' into itself became stretched out.  Two things we just could not have in a medical id bracelet.

When thinking about a replacement, Ellie wanted something "cute, fun and waterproof" while I wanted something durable and noticeable.  I think we found the perfect piece.

A waterproof jelly bracelet from Lauren's Hope

The bracelet is a perfect fit with the 'watchband style' closure and the metal medical id part is attached like a watch face to the bands.  Very durable.

We had the option of engraving the back of the metal i.d. tag:

Ellie Berger
Type 1 Diabetic
Insulin Dependant

I love a win-win situation and this bracelet is perfect. Ellie gets to wear a fashionable piece of jewelry and I get piece of mind.

A big T_H_A_N_K  Y_O_U  to all of the fabulous people of the DOC for all of the fabulous posts in the 2nd annual DBlogWeek!  While I did not participate in writing, I certainly enjoyed reading all of the daily entries.  Last week was a big reminder why I am so grateful to be part of such an awschum community!!!!


Heidi / D-Tales said...

Your necklace is beautiful! Enjoy it!

We are alike, my friend. I have a few pieces of jewelry and that's all I need. I have one necklace that holds the names of my three kids and I wear it every day. Occasionally, I wear my JDRF charm necklace or something else, but most every day, I wear the one inscribed with my kids' names.

And those earrings? I'll take a pair, too! :)

Reyna said...

Yes, the diamond studs would complement that necklace quite nicely. Great jewelry Amy! And thanks for reading Blog Week. My eyes started to gloss over...SO.MUCH.MATERIAL!!! It was fun though.


Joanne said...

How pretty! I'm a no-frills kinda girl my self... wedding ring, and necklance with my kiddos name on it. I even let the hles in my ears grow over (now if only the whole in my head would follow suit!)

Denise aka 'Mom of Bean' said...

Love the necklace! So need to look into getting me one.
Bean LOVES her bracelet from Lauren's Hope. She has one of the beaded ones...girly girl, all the way!

Jules said...

that medical id is gorgeous! so the band is soft and squishy? hmmm the one my son has now is quilted and smells manky from getting wet....

Alexis Nicole said...

Beautiful necklace!! And hmm I think all us dmamas should get those earrings!

Nikki of Our Diabetic Warrior said...

Absolutely LOVE the jewelry! The medical id bracelet is perfect for a diabetic princess.

PS I LOOOVVVEEEE your new picture! Your hair looks great.

Anonymous said...

Ha! My Ellie just got the same braclet from her MeMa last week! She also got a glow in the dark beaded one! How funny! Loves!