ice, ice baby

Thank you for all of the wonderful advice given in the comments section of my pithy post.  I took ALL you advice and ended up in the emergency room with a serious overdose of caffeine and OTC pain relievers.

Ha!  Just joking.

Actually, I took a quick snooze and then batted my eyelashes 'just' so in order to persuade my hubalicious to make dinner.  I also drank a bunch of water and rare-for-me evening cup of highly caffeinated coffee.  Let's just say when I finally did get to sleep I couldn't stay asleep due to the aforementioned water.

Oh well, at least I am back to posting vacation photos.  Whheeeeeeee!

Icy Straight Point

By now we are about halfway through the cruise and this day's port of call docked in the waters surrounding Ice Straight Point.

Instead of paying an outrageuos amount to ride a bus a whole 1.5 miles to town, we laced up our flip flops and walked the scenic route instead. 

We explored the Tlingit Indian village of Hannah, truly admiring the colorful totem poles seemingly around every corner.

Walking allowed our little family of five to explore at our own pace and to take photos at our leisure.  I would have been nice to have a tour guide to give us all the local history, but the silence offered up a treasure of it's own.

The 'greens' were incredible.  I don't think I have ever seen so many shades of greens all in one place.

Along the shoulder of the highway, we cut down through a narrow stairway which lead us right out to a rocky beach front.  We spent quite a bit of time picking up shells, picking at barnacles and freeing some mussels from their home. 

My boys.  Oh my sweet boys.  I do love them so. 

We even made time for a quick Geology lesson from Mr. Rock Man!

*Notice, too, I handed over the T1D-bag responsibilities to Maddi for the day.  My shoulders were getting s-o-r-e! 

By the end of the day our feet were tired (1.5 miles IN means 1.5 miles OUT) but our hearts and head were filled with great memories!


Lora said...

I didn't have you pegged for a lightweight!!! OTC meds to much for ya huh?? lol

Glad your feeling better.

Anonymous said...


You are an ace photog for sure.

Wendy said...

AMY!!!!!!! Your pictures are breathtaking.

I love how you are documenting life through the lens.

What an amazing trip.

What a beautiful family :)

Tracy1918 said...

You could be a photographer!

Holly said...

Love those shades of green! (and that oven? Classic!) haha! Guess they aren't making dinner tonight? : )

Just beautiful, and what amazing memories! : )

Reyna said...

whoa!!! LOVE the green Amy. The pix are gorgeous.

So glad you are doing better. WE HEART YOU BIG TIME LADY!!! xo

Jen said...

Beautiful Amy!!

Denise aka 'Mom of Bean' said...

Love that your free walk produced such priceless adventures!

Sarah said...

Glad you're feeling better! Your posts about your vacation are awesome...I just wanted you to know that if you need another beautifully green place to come visit WA is perfect!