you ask, I tell

Good news!  Good news!  We had our follow-up saline pump trial appointment with the endo this morning and the Omnipod pump is ordered and waiting for insurance approval!  Woo-To-The-Hoo!!!!

My brain is a little mushy today so I posted a request on facebook to 'ask me a question or give me a topic' to fulfil today's NaBloPoMo post. 

Here are my questions!

The very beautiful Jenni, who is gracious and kind, asked me:

     "I still want to know how you cook the alien
   looking veggies!"

I assume you meant the kohlrabi?!   These lovely cruciferous orbs taste delicious peeled, sliced and chilled.  Dipped in blue cheese dressing is my favorite way to enjoy the crisp, brocolli-stem taste.  Shredded on salads or added to cole slaw would be another fabulous way to enjoy these veggies, or even sauteed in butter, garlic, salt, pepper and a dash of red pepper for heat.  Try 'em . . . you like 'em!!!

1.  The ultra sweet and smart Heidi wanted to know what:
       "your favorite way to treat lows or your
   favorite low/no carbs snacks"

When we are home and Ellie has a low blood sugar, a 4oz Juicy Juice is her choice of sugars.

When we are away, Ellie loves to squirt some GoGo Squeez applesause into her mouth for a quick and easy clean-up treat.  We like to store them in the fridge and have lately been popping them into the freezer for a slushy pick-me up!  They di defrost pretty quickly, but it also keeps other things in your d-supply bag from getting too warm.

Ellie's favorite low-carb snacks continue to be beef sticks & cheese, frozen simply go-gurts, and raw veggies with ranch dip.

2.  The ever-so-happy Carol wanted to know: (no link = no blog . . . c'mon Carol!  Get yourself a blog!)

     "about how you and Dave tag team D-care,
     what works and doesn't work"

We decided at Ellie's diagnosis we were not going to allow T1D to get between us and be a point of contention.  When we are both home with Ellie or out and about, we consult each other throw numbers here and there until we reach a mutual decision how much insulin to dose or how many carbs are in something we don't have nutritional info about.  We like to make a game of it and have as much fun as we can in order to 'stick it' to the disease.

When I am home with Ellie, Dave trusts me to be the pancreas.  When Ellie is home with Dave, he gets to pancreate.  NO HOVERING BY PHONE!  unless asked ;)

When it comes to injecting the nightly Lantus (long acting, slow release insulin) we rock-paper-scissor or bribe each other to get the other one to shoot Ellie's buns.  She does not like Lantus one little bit and throse a mini-hissy fit most nights.

3.  The fair-haired pretty Tracy with the gorgeous smile asked:

     "Where did you get that cute flower for
     your hair"

Tracy was referring to my facebook profile picture, I assume.  Oh my 13yo daughter Maddi will be soooooo glad you asked!  She made the flower headband using felt (for the pettals) buttons and ribbon (for the hair band) and hand sewed it together with needle and thread.  She was inspired by seeing several things like this at an artisan craft fair.

4.  And finally, my long-time friend Kara (who also doesn't blog . . . tsk tsk) wanted me to share:

     "Pictures that make you giggle and bring
     back fun memories"

Oh Kara, be careful what you ask for!!!

Miss Kara herself

Kara and I 'kidnapping' a friend

Kara attacking me at WalMart

No words necessary

Alrighty. This has been fun but now I must go and get ready for a certain little cute 2yo boy who will be arriving any minute!!!!


Jenni at talking hairdryer said...

I never knew Kohlrabi existed until I met you. I'll have to keep my eye out for it.

Brooke likes the apple Juicy Juice.

Honey and I deal similarly with T1D. BUT we've started keeping her Lantus at room temperature and Brooke has stopped complaining about it stinging. When we kept it in the fridge, she would hold an ice pack on her tookus for a bit to help numb it before we injected.

And the pictures? Funny:)

Denise aka 'Mom of Bean' said...

OK, I don't care how it has to happen, but we totally need to go shopping together!! I NEVER have that much fun at WalMart! ;)

Amy said...

I have looked at those applesauce squeezy things a couple of times at Walmart... I need to get some for DD to try. The 4oz Juicy Juice boxes are ALWAYS her first choice-- apple-- though!

Holly said...

Bahahahaha! Love those bras! Did they make it home? ; )

And I love that headband too! I'll have to make one. : )

Lora said...

Is Kara gonna kill you??

Nikki of Our Diabetic Warrior said...

Love the post!!!!!!!

Wendy said...


Those pics are HILARIOUS :)

Sarah said...

I love those funny pictures! Fun times indeed!

Kara said...

Kara won't kill her at all....I think it's funny. What Kara is going to do is go on a diet after seeing those photos. I was thinner back then. As for the bras.....they never made them home. I have itty bitty raisins for boobies. When we were taking these photos, people shopping around us gave us no odd looks, smiles, daggers,etc, when we were doing it. That's the beauty of the Wal-Mart. Oh, and ladies, the next time Amy posts something like this, be sure to ask about the time she got dressed up to go garage sales...if she knows you really well, she'll even tell you what she yelled from the street at one I had years ago. I <3 my Amy.