We don't need no stinkin' meter

Oh aren't those meters pretty with their perfectly in range numbers!  If we saw blood sugar numbers like those for Ellie we would be testing 72 times a day! 


Not so.  Her last A1C in January was a big fat 8.  See how those circles in the number '8' are so round and fat and just staring at you like "Hey!  I'm loud, proud and here to stay and party!  I will leave a mess and cause some damage.  Just sayin."

I know, I know, I KNOW!  An 8 for an A1C is not horrible or even really 'bad'.  It's just that in 17 months since Ellie's diagnosis she has been climbing from . . . well, let's just look at the sidebar chart:

My frustrations lie in the trend of the numbers, as much as or more so than the actual big, fat 8 in January.  We know how to count carbs, we stay updated to her trends by plugging in her OmniPod PDM to the computer weekly to check overall numbers, we use the temp basal, yada yada YADA.  It's been 17 months . . . . I want BETTER numbers, not WORSE.

There.  I vented.  I whined.  I punched the desk a little bit.  I made myself another cup of coffee with a little something extra.

Now I am better.

On to the point of this post . . . . no. more. meters.  Nope!  Don't need them around here anymore.  Here is why:

How to know if Ellie's blood sugar is low, in-the-range, or high:

scenario #1:  (pale, eyes a little wide) "I feel shaky" = below 70 but above 50

scenario #2:  giggling like a maniac, fast and staccato-like . . . not saying much of anything comprehensible = below 50

scenario #3:  crying through a math lesson because 3+4 doesn't equal 9 = +200

scenario #4:  falling down on the floor in a tantrum or yelling/screaming at her brother because he 'breathed' too loud = +300

scenario #5:  (skin blotchy red) "My tummy hurts" = +350 and chance of ketones

scenario #6:  being silly, drawing, making up songs, reading for pleasure, riding her bike, dancing to music, giving hugs freely and for no apparent reason = 80-150 . . . right in the zone

See?!  Who needs to waste precious blood glucose strips when she so accurately displays her numbers through behavior and skin colors?!

Of course, we always check her sugar and treat accordingly, but this chart helps me know ahead of time to get out the fast acting sugar, or to prepare for an insulin pump site change.

And, most importantly, it helps me to see that I have learned s-o-m-e-t-h-i-n-g over the last 17 months, even if it doesn't show with that big, fat 8 of an A1C.


Diapeepees said...

Wow, the drawings...just loving the drawings.

Nikki of Our Diabetic Warrior said...

I've definitely seen scenario #3 in our house, except it's when Andrew is low. I'll ask him to copy something from the board and he breaks down into a puddle. His siblings even know now and yell, "Mom, Andrew needs a snack!".

I'll tell you not to beat yourself up over the A1C even though I know you will because we all do. You're an AWESOME substitute pancreas!

Love the drawings!

Lora said...

I likey ur style... gonna save me some money and skip the strip!

I am so happy your back and that I actually have time to pop in :)

Denise aka Mom of Bean said...

Ugh, rising A1c's bite the big one...those I'd love your big fat 8! ;)
I know you will kick it in it's big fat butt...especially with rainbow coffee fueling you.

Love the senarios, too...we have some similar reactions around here!

Sarah said...

yeah, yeah, yeah for your return!!! I am so thankful to hear your overly light hearted lovely humor right now :) I hope you enjoyed a Monday off for the holiday, too!
Take care!

Holly said...

I want some rainbow in my coffee, too, please! ; )

I know that chart...it is oddly familiar! : ) I hate the perfect ads too-it's like, who are they selling to? We aren't going to believe the meter changes the outcome.
Don't stress over numbers. It'll be a wash in another year. You do the best you can, and it is ENOUGH. Hugs, Amy!!