good friday

All Fridays are good. I like to start out the day celebrating by reviewing the past week and finding three things for which I am grateful. Technically, if I follow the rules set by Amy at Diapeepees, I am not supposed to talk about T1D.  We'll see how that goes . . .

1.  I am grateful for the $10 cash I had in my pocket to pick up this castle toy set at Walgreen's. Even though my youngest 2 kiddos are a 7yo and 9yo, they spent hours playing, setting up scenes, and designing add-ons with construction paper. (not shown because the glue is still drying!)  As a home-educator, this counts for story telling, art class and indoor recess.

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2.  I am grateful for my church family. The people pictured above are a mix of pastors and church staff, and each and every one of them provide not only a community of solid faith, but also lots of laughs. Here they are in a local art store posing as a parody of 'evolution of man' . . . . most likely, however, the intent was to be the 'evolution of pastor Mark'. Or, 'all fall short of pastor Mark', or possibly even 'time has perfected man until the survivor of the fittest gave us pastor Mark'. Now, before you think I have lost my religion, I am a member of a bible believing church. We do not believe in evolution. We DO believe in laughter, however, and this photo is proof positive. 

*As a side note, Pastor Mark is leaving our church to serve in another community. He will be very missed as his gift for leading music worship always made me sing loud and proud . . . . maybe even getting me to close my eyes and lift up my hands just a smidgen above comfortable.

3.  I am grateful for the forethought to pay attention during 7th grade Home Ec. class. I remember how to thread a sewing machine, measure twice and cut once, and how to follow a pieced pattern. Because of this, I was able to whip up a fun little jellyfish purse (2 months ago - during my blog break) by Sew Kawaii. The zipped bag belongs to Ellie, and goes with her e-v-e-r-y-w-h-e-r-e. It may or may not be her newest T1D bag . . . since that subject is not allowed on 'good friday' posts, I can not confirm nor deny it's contents.

Well, that wraps up this week in our household. We have visitors coming and possible a new purchase on tap for this weekend . . . . you will be informed soon enough.

Be Good!


Diapeepees said...

Jellyfish should be everywhere...esp. purses(b/c I know you were def. not talking about a d-supply bag on Good Friday!)

sky0138 said...

love that jellyfish purse! so cute!

Denise aka Mom of Bean said...

such a tease you are!!

love it when pastors and staff can laugh! one of the best qualities, I think.
we used to sing "I want to be more like Mike" instead of "I want to be more like You" (referring to Jesus, of course)in 'honor' or more likely 'making fun of' our youth pastor. :)

Reyna said...

Seriously COOL Jellyfish that MAY or MAY NOT contain the banned topic's management contents. xo