saying goodbye

Bertha Winifred
November 2003 - March 2012
2000 Ford Winstar Minivan
beloved transporter
holder of precious cargo
and a talented musical friend
you will be missed!


I apologize for all the times we rode you hard and put you away wet
I apologize for all the bad names I called you
I apologize for breaking your armrest and never replacing it
I apologize for for the puke and other 'mystery liquids' we left on your floor
I apologize for letting you get all rusty
And, I apologize for trading you in without proper warning
But . . . . we must day goodbye to make room for:

<< Name not yet determined >>
March 2012 - at least 10 years from now
2007 Toyota Sienna
our new 'swagger wagon' ride
Hello and welcome!

* I will be holding a contest later this week to give our new miniature van a name. A gift will be the prize, so you don't want to miss out on this fine opportunity!


Diapeepees said...

A seat without an arm rest...how sad...that van probably couldn't wait to leave...

Brooke said...

Love your new wheels!

Carma said...


I am not looking forward to when I am told that we are replacing the Mazda. (Been mine for over 11 years) So I get your pain. Actually I think I did a funeral for my first car when it died.

Denise aka Mom of Bean said...

SahWEET ride!!

It's hard letting go...I totally cried when we drove away from my totaled Passport. I'm OK with Abe, our Navigator...it's a Lincoln, get it...but honestly don't love it like my Passport. Which is kinda weird because I never named it....huh.

sky0138 said...

pretty new ride! i love that you called it a "miniature van" lol!

Sarah said...

ooohhhh...nice shiny and clean, so unlike ours right now! Enjoy :)