you'll shoot your eye out

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Best. Movie. E-V-E-R.

Safety glasses will drastically reduce the chances of shooting your eye out.  Add in some earplugs to reduce hearing damage, and shooting becomes almost safe enough for a Mom like me to be okay Maddi's new love . . . . target shooting with a Browning Buckmark 22 pistol


Why not something a little more safe?  Like crocheting, or yoga, or speed walking?

"Because, Mom, shooting is safe when you are education about your weapon and know the rules of the shooting range." Says my sweet little (well, now taller than me) brown-eyed first born.

::le sigh::

Not only does she love hitting targets, she loves the sport of shooting.  So much so, she mustered up the confidence to enter her first steel challenge.

Take a look: (have to click on the link . . . for some reason I could not get the video to embed in the post)

Video from Dave's phone . . . a little jumpy and the sound isn't so great, but you can tell what is happening.

The gentleman behind her is holding up a device that tells Maddi when to start, when to stop, and times how long it takes her to shoot 5 steel targets.

Yeah, I am pretty stinkin' proud. 

I still wish she would take up writing, or photography, or drawing . . . . . oh wait, she does all those things, too.  It's all about the balance, right?!


Joanne said...

It will be a handy little skill to have when she reaches the "dating years". No punk is going to want to date a girl with a gun and excellent aim. Only good boys need apply.

Diapeepees said...

She's got to try skeet and trap...very refined...a group of ladies actually introduced me to it!

Nikki of Our Diabetic Warrior said...

Go girl!!!!!!!!! I agree with Joanne, except I think I have to take up the sport as well (wink).LOL

Sarah said...

well at least she's got the confidence to request a sport not only she'll love but that she knows she needs to be careful and educated about. What fun, for her :)

Carma said...

Pretty cool.
Plus the use of logic to explain to Mom why it is safe when one is educated about using them.