good friday

Another week has come and gone . . . it's that time once again to be grateful for 3 things from the last 7 days, no T1D talk allowed.

1. The grandparents drove over to visit us last Saturday. We enjoyed a good meal, great conversation, and weather so nice we all decided to assemble the trampoline together. As you can see, I was most helpful . . . someone had to document the event!

2.  I absolutely LOVED telling the kiddos to take some of their schoolwork outside to complete. Here is Ellie, set up in the shade, losing herself in the 7th Harry Potter book. I love her dirty feet, as they are a sign of warm weather and care-free playing. The best part about homeschooling is getting to enjoy the nice weather days when they come our way.

3.  No, I am not grateful my son can defy gravity. And, no, I am not grateful for his ability to somehow know where his body is in relationship to 'space'.  I am grateful, however, for the safety net surrounding the trampoline . . . who knows where he would have ended up! (or down)

Have a great weekend!


Diapeepees said...

Grandparents bring lots of joy, that's for sure...one of the visits I look forward to most...lucky enough I don't have to wait long, because ours our coming this weekend...Love being outside, too!

FeltFinland said...

Love the fact that he is clutching a lightsaber too!

Carma said...

So should I mention about the new indoor trampoline park in Grimes? ( SkyZone ) Yeah, thought not.

I love reading outdoors. One of my favorite things to do when we would camp.

Holly said...

Love the dirty feet too ; ) ..a sure sign Fun is in the making! Mine are barefoot outside right now. : ) Hope you have a great weekend!

Misty said...

I will learn to appreciate dirty feet. I will learn to appreciate dirty feet. (Thanks for the encouragement! But how do I keep those same adorable dirty feet out of my house?!?! When they learn to clean their dirty paws, I will learn to appreciate them :)

I do love the pictures though! Enjoy this warmer weather!

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