good friday

Is it really Friday?  Some of the days this past week felt like they were flying by, while others made me question if the clocks were working correctly.  Whatever the case, today is Friday, and that means it is the day to be grateful for three moments during the last seven days . . . . no T1D talk allowed.

1.  Farmer's Market season is just around the corner!  My local chapter of Buy Fresh Buy Local newsletter arrived in my inbox and my mouth started watering just thinking about all the fresh foods coming available soon.  Included in the newsletter was a list of the surrounding area's markets, complete with with days and times.  Print out a copy of the list if you are local, or search for Farmer's Markets in your own area to see what is available.  I love being able to spend my money on foods grown close to home and support our small farms.  What do you do to support your local economy?

2.  More sewing time!  I was able to spend several hours last Saturday creating some new cash pouches for some friends near and dear.  I even designed a 'clutch' to hold the pouches together in one place.  (Still have to finish the black and white set) Now I just need to tweak the design to contain the change . . . . interior pocket, perhaps?! 

3.  Last night I went to hop on my sewing machine to start a quick project.  I started to wind a new thread color on the bobbin and noticed my machine was 'whining' and sluggish.  I turned it off, checked the plug, and turned it back on . . . . . or I tried to turn it back on.  It was d.e.a.d.  CA PUT!  Lights Out.  I called for my handy hubby to take a look, but I soon learned the motor would have to be replaced.  BoooooooHooooooo.

The dead machine provided an opportunity for me to finally take out and dust off the Singer 99K I received when Dave's great aunt passed away a couple of years ago.  I searched 'the Google' for threading instructions and also discovered an online instruction manual.  Yeah for Al Gore and his discovery of the Internet!  Dave oiled up the machine and I took it for a spin.  It only has one stitch (straight) but you can vary the length and pop it into reverse for a nice locking back stitch.  I hope to clean her up a bit and try her out on a future sewing project. 

I love her and I just met her!  I think I will name her Sally.

Have a great weekend; and be good!


Amy@Diapeepees said...

Bet that sewing machines lasts another 200 years.

Reyna said...

"Sally"...that is p.e.r.f.e.c.t! Love the pouches girl. You have been busy. Have a wonderful weekend. xo

Mrs. Tuna said...

I'm not a seamstress......I might sew my fingers together given the chance.