not so wordless wednesday

I like words.  Just ask my boyfriend of 23 years . . . if you can get a chance to ask him without me butting in and answering for him. 

The idea of a 'Wordless Wednesday' post simple gives me the willies.  It's not right!  I tried skirting the idea by posting a couple of 'Wordless'ish Wednesdays', but it didn't feel right lying to y'all.

So today I present 'Not so Wordless Wednesday'.  Enjoy!

Maddi completed and presented her very first piece of commissioned art.  The lovely ginger you see on the left is a soul sister from church.  From the moment we met we knew one another.  Has that ever happened to you?  Anyway, she asked Maddi to work out a picture she has held in her mind for years.  A present to be gifted to her mother once it is properly matted and framed.  The dragon represents Miss C's mother, who is reading a story to a red-haired fairy (Miss C), who is sitting on a toadstool.  The smaller toadstool represents a brother who passed away 3 days after birth, and the father rounds out this family by appearing as a face in an oak tree. 

This project challenged Maddi, as the subject matter is not something she regularly draws.  I am proud of her for researching various ways to draw the subjects and for taking a risk by accepting the request to share her talent with a person outside her family fan club. 

While shopping around at Michael's the other day, I ran into (literally) a middle-aisle kiosk displaying stickers on clearance.  I grabbed a handful and took them home, simply to make Ellie squeal.  I knew she would love the sparkly designs and would put them to use 'pimping' her insulin Pod.  This might have been the first time she was slightly excited to do a site change!

Last but certainly not least, today was Ellie's quarterly Endo appointment.
Our last one in January was quite a kicker . . . going up to an 8.0 for an A1C.  Not a bad number by any means, but a consistent upward trend.  Hitting 8 meant something needed to change, and switching from MDI to an insulin pump, while wonderfully freeing for Ellie, did not better control her T1D.

Among the changes suggested, one was to try out a new insulin.  We were hesitant at first and certain some tweaking of basals and carb ratios would do the trick.  Nada.  So in the last week of February we opened a trial vial of Apidra and haven't looked back since.  It did take some time for her body to acclimate to a different insulin, but once it did we knew we were on to something good.  Post meal spikes are lower and shorter, and overnight numbers show to hold pretty steady. 

We Love Apidra
(and lowering A1C's!!!)


Amy@Diapeepees said...

I'm amazed how even with a pump it doesn't mean it's any easier to necessarily bring down an A1C...glad Apidra seems to be helping. And, nice art!

Carma said...

Maddie did a fabu job AND she also got to go be a consultant when we went to the frame shop. The sheer number of mattings and frames is overwhelming, but Jen of the gallery was great. The hardest part is going to keep it from my mom until her birthday party.
And yes, soul-sib/heart-sib, I love that L "KNEW" that we would get along that night at VBS.

By the way, very cool stickers for the pump. Trying to think what needs some bling in my life.