a little is a lot

Really, I am!  I came home yesterday from Ellie's Endo appointment and was so excited to post about the decrease in her HbA1c results.  I finished my post toting the AWSCHUMNESS of switching to Apidra and lamenting how Ellie's last result of an 8.0 wasn't bad, but certainly wasn't good.

It wasn't until a facebook friend mentioned she was praying for a better HbA1c number that I realized I never gave the result of yesterday's blood test.

I have a valid excuse, however.  Those 2+ hour appointments wear me out!  So much information crammed into a relatively small amount of time.  So much anticipation for such a small little blood test result.  A little amount of stress turns into a lot amount of tired.

Back to the appointment:

Our most favorite nurse in the whole wide world had us guessing at the new HbA1c number.  A big cheesy grin on her face indicated the number was lower.  Just to be funny, she had us take a guess at the result.

I chimed in with a hopeful 7.6

Hubby gave a conservative guesstimate of 7.8

Ellie presented with a 'deer-in-the-headlight-stare' and went with my guess.

Nope!  None of the answers matched.

Our nurse grinned and said "LOWER".

7.5?  7.4?  6.8?

Nuh, Uh . . . ::smirky smile::


You see, a .8 HbA1c reduction may not appear to be much, but a little is a lot.

An 8.0 means Ellie's blood sugars AVERAGE 183. (her goal is 80-150)

A higher average of blood sugars = higher chances of long term complications.

A 7.2 means Ellie's blood sugars AVERAGE 160.

Closer to goal = closer to better control = better health.


Even if her mother is a major dork.


Jenni at talking hairdryer said...

Yay! I know we aren't "supposed" to glean our self-worth from the numbers, but I have to add my "You go girl!"

What I'm hearing you say is the biggest change you made was the insulin? Interesting...

Have a wonderful week basking in your number awschumeness!

Amy@Diapeepees said...

Well I must be a bigger dork because I didn't catch the oversight.

FeltFinland said...

Snap - we got the same number today too! Good result all round :)

Nikki of Our Diabetic Warrior said...

Way to go!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

NikDuck said...

7.2 is great! I can so relate to the tiredness after these appointments. It is so mentally exhausting!