ducks for breakfast

We moved into our home and neighborhood a little over 3 years ago. The first spring we noticed a Mallard duck couple who visited several houses on our block. We soon learned, through conversations with our neighbors, the duck couple has been visiting our street for over 7 years. Each year they pick a safe spot in someone’s yard to build a nest and lay eggs. Soon after hatching, the couple whisks the little ducklings off to a nearby pond. We know it is the same couple because the female, named Speck, has a pronounced limp on her left foot. Nelson, her better half, is distinguishable as well. They make an appearance around nesting time and then their visits are spotty throughout the rest of the spring and summer season. Sometimes they make their presence known by flying onto our deck and pecking at the sliding glass door, letting us know they would like some breakfast. This morning we were graced with another ‘drop in’ visit and B happily granted them their request. I know, I know. We shouldn’t be feeding the ducks. But how can we not?!

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